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So for those of you who did not watch Gotham last night, the promo for next week was no JOKE;) The Joker is coming to Gotham!!! The promo for next week's episode shows all of Gotham's main villains that have already been introduced, but then the promo ends with "Gotham's next villain is no joke", and cuts to a scene of a kid with orange hair being interrogated by Gordon and next thing you know, the kid starts laughing. It was no ordinary laugh though. It was the laugh of a psychopath. THE JOKER.

Why so serious Jim?
Why so serious Jim?

Unless there is some crazy plot twist, it's looking like this is our young Joker.

But the big question is, should they do a back story for the Joker on Gotham or leave him to be the mystery that we all love?

Check out the promo which is a LAUGH RIOT in the video below!


Should they give the Joker a back story, or leave his story to be a mystery?


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