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The Nintendo 64 was released on September 29th, 1996 in the United States and the world of 3D games has never been the same. Of course, the N64 is most famous for its hugely popular franchises such as Mario 64, Starfox64, Smash Bros., Zelda, Banjo Kazooie and many, many more awesome games. But, there are some games that for whatever reason never got the same amount of love and were never heard from again after their N64 debut. In this list we are going to be examining some of the best games on the console that deserve a reboot for a modern console. As fans of these games I feel Nintendo owes us a few of these titles and it would be a nice change of pace from some of the lower-end titles they have made in the almost 20 years since the debut of the beloved classic console.

Before I go into the list, you can watch a video on the whole list by clicking here.

Okay, Let's ahhhh-gooo (Bad Mario 64 reference...)!

5.) Snowboard Kids 1 & 2 (Atlus Games)

Let's start this list off with a game that is very near and dear to me, Snowboard Kids 1 and 2. Now yes, this game did have a sequel on the N64 but it has not been touched since. Not counting the awful DS spin-off game that was nothing like the originals whatsoever...But this game was developed by Atlus, who is infamous for making small print runs of their games for some unknown reason. These games are actually pretty rare and collectors today pay a good price for them. Which is why I'm glad I have a copy of both games already. Anyways... back to why these games are great. This game is basically a Mario Kart clone but instead of a track, you race down a mountainside. It is wacky, clever, and makes for an outstanding four person multiplayer experience. There was a huge rise in snowboard games in the early 2000s with games such as SSX, 1080, Shaun White, and others. This proves that this style of game can be very successful, couple that with the a Mario Kart-esque multiplayer that could now incorporate online player, too. I think Nintendo would have a hit on their hands with that one!

4.) Space Station Silicon Valley (DMA Design)

Next on the list we have Space Station Silicon Valley developed by DMA Design, which now goes by RockStar games, in case you didn't know. The developers that would eventually make the Grand Theft Auto series first worked on this N64 gem. Space Station Silicon Valley was released on October 21, 1998 in the US. This game has it all! Electrically powered animals that are half cyborg, playing as a robot, in outer space… What else can you ask for?! The game was relatively well received by players and was praised for its intuitive mechanics, fun level design, and comical concepts, however, it was full of bugs and glitches. It seems that this game would be smash hit if it was redone with modern graphics and had the bugs fixed. Fingers crossed Nintendo will bring this franchise back in the future.

3.) Jet Force Gemini (Rare)

Here's a great game developed by Rare before they went off the deep-end. Jet Force Gemini was released on October 11, 1999 and was well received by players and critics alike. It has my vote as one of Rare’s top games of all time, in fact. The sound in this game is some of the best music and sound effects ever to be put on a N64 cartridge. It handles great and has a deep and engaging storyline. The third-person-shooter was something different from Rare’s other popular shooter games like 007 and Perfect Dark, but they also gave players the ability to jump and hang on or off ledges, which makes for a great style of play that was unique and exciting for players at the time. Though this game was liked by those who played it, it never caught on and Rare went on to develop much more popular and recognizable adventure games like Donkey Kong and Banjo Kazooie. Maybe one day they will bring this third-person masterpiece back from the grave.

3.) Pokemon Snap (HAL Laboratory)

Our runner-up on this list leaves me scratching my head when I think of why it never even got a sequel. Why Nintendo, WHY?! Pokemon Snap was a fresh take on the Pokemon universe and to this day there hasn’t been anything quite like it. It was received very well by both critics and players. I can remember playing this game for hours and hours trying to get all of the damn special Pikachu pictures. Damn you Flying Pikachu! The game is pretty short and lacks depth and replay ability but is still a classic and a must have for the N64 for any player who still has one laying around. One would think that due to the popularity of the Pokemon universe and how well this game sold that it would be a no-brainer to make a sequel. But Nintendo loves to watch us fans of the series suffer, and suffer we do. Image playing this on a Wii U using the gamepad’s motion controls to look for the now 649 different Pokemon in full HD! That would be absolutely amazing and I pray Nintendo will one day bring this great game back.

1.) Conker's Bad Fur Day (Rare)

And finally! Our number one N64 game that needs a reboot is Conker's Bad Fur Day. Now, now, yes... I know this game was remade for the original Xbox but it was just a re-skinned watered down and much less fun version of the original. Conker's is one of those games that has a huge cult following and is a hidden gem. This game is over-the-top funny and is actually a great action-packed play. The game had some amazing graphics for the time and the sound is top notch. The dialogue in Conker's is some of the raunchiest and funniest to ever be in a Ninentdo game. Due to the game being released in March of 2001, with the Gamecube already on the horizon, the game didn’t sell as well as developers were hoping it would. Though the game was loved by everyone who played it, when Rare was bought by Microsoft in 2002 the sequel, Conker's Other Bad Day was canceled and instead switched to the remake of the original that I begrudgingly mentioned earlier, Conker Live and Reloaded. We have not seen a Conker's game since 2002 and that is a damn shame. If Microsoft were to ever sell the rights of Conker's back to Nintendo so that a proper sequel could be developed, I would be beyond stoked. But I'm definitely not holding my breath on it has been over 13 years now.

What are your favorite N64 games?


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