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"What's the point? They're all the same: Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act..." - Sidney Prescott
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Scary movies... What do we love about them, and what do we hate about them? Well, let's start off with the bad first, shall we? We hate bad scripts - you know, the one where the girl is running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door. It's insulting! We definitely hate bad directors - those idiots that come up with those straight-to-dvd sequels to horror films that never needed a sequel to begin with, let alone a straight-to-dvd one. And we LOATHE bad actors - the ones that say, "No. Don't kill me!" like they're porno actresses pretending to be in a horror scenario.

If only it were that simple...
If only it were that simple...

But, let's forget the bad for a moment and focus on the good. What do we absolutely LOVE about horror movies? That's right, guys... A crazy, outrageous, out-of-this-world, and highly fun DEATH SCENE! We may seem like sociopaths for loving them so much, but it's true... we crave gore. We're all the future Ed Geins of the world, and we simply just don't know it yet.

Before any of you start commenting on how I ranked wrongly, or these are 'definitely not the top!' or 'why is 30% of the list composed of the Scream series?"... Keep it to yourself, okay? And mind you, the Scream quadrilogy is a MASTERPIECE. Deal with it. And remember, the headline of this article reads, "MY Top 10 Favorite Death Scenes in Horror", not yours.


#10 "Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed..." (Freddy VS Jason)

Okay, now this was DISGUSTING! And yes, it was most amusing! Go Jason! You see, that's why Jason has always been one of my favorite serial killers! He doesn't do it simple... He makes sure that it's original!

The only reason that this is ranked at #10 is because of how fu*king ridiculous it is! I mean, come on now... for the bed to break and fold him in half? That's completely unrealistic! Suspension of disbelief or not, this was just down right stupid.

#9 "She carries the name with honor." (Sorority Row [2009])

Oh, Chugs... What are we going to do with you, you little sorority slut? Don't get me wrong, you're a fun character to watch. But mainly because we enjoyed watching a bottle get shoved down your throat.

Who sleeps with their shrink in order to score oxy, anyway? (Other than me, of course.)

#8 "She gave great head..." (Urban Legend)


And you know what? I STILL check the backseat of my car!

Even though this movie isn't the greatest, this opening kill is definitely memorable! Who can ever forget the stuttering gas station attendant that just wanted to save the poor girl?! This just goes to show you not to judge or off with your head, bitches!

#7 "Help! Up here!" (Nightmare on Elm Street [2010])

Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer the original...

By far one of my favorite death scenes in all slasher-flick history! The original was 100 times better, of course, which is why it only made it to #7 on my list. I've also included the scene from the original Nightmare for your own viewing pleasure.

Fortunately, this remake came out in 2010, giving this scene the opportunity to be as visually stunning as possible (effects wise) and so it made it on to the list.

#6 "I'm just going to cram myself in this dark hollow space with my dead boyfriend and go up this ancient elevator shaft..."(Halloween H20)

Halloween is definitely a classic, and as much as I'd like to include so many more death scenes from all the originals (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc) I'm sticking with the moderns.

However, there was something really fun about this particular death scene. Not only was she stupid, but she was entertaining! Her character was hilarious, which made the screams of agony (after her leg was practically impaled) that much more horrifying, yet enjoyable!

#5 "I'm just going to dramatically exit right into a bus, okay guys?" (Final Destination)

Her final words are what probably make me love this death scene a million times more!

I remember watching this film in theaters when I was in middle school, and all I could remember from the viewing experience was the collective gasps and screams echoing through the theater... followed by hysterical laughter, of course.

This scene is just filled with so much horror and comedy and tragedy... You gotta love it! Not to mention it's probably the most unexpected of all the deaths on this list... Which, without a doubt, makes it #5.

#4 "I can TOTALLY through through this door. Designed for cats. Or small dogs." (Scream)

As dumb as it may have been, Rose McGowan A.K.A. Tatum Riley definitely made a remarkable exit!

I'm in love with Scream, like LOVE (I'm sure you guys have caught on to that by now). Not just because Wes Craven is a genius, but because the death scenes are always much more elaborate. Carnage candy! Your core audience expects it. Funniest thing is, Rose McGowan (the actress that played Tatum) actually fit through the doggie door!

#3 "I'm just going to look back for oneee second..." (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Again, I love to hate scenes in which SMG meets her demise. Why? Because it's Buffy!

Sarah Michelle Gellar truly is a scream queen though, isn't she?! The Grudge franchise, Scream 2, IKWYDLS... This girl really knows how to die, and sure does it well! But, was I the only one that yelled out at the screen as soon as she turned around?! Come on now, Helen!

#2 "And I'm still the most gorgeous girl in school!" (Scream 4)

Ew. Just plain ol' ew. And a bit of gross on the side, too.

When Scream 4 came out in April of 2011, I was ready for the ride of a lifetime... Which is exactly what I got. Olivia's death scene was by far the most brutal kill in the entire Scream franchise, and I loved it! It was fun, unexpected, and most of all super gory!

If only Steve's death had turned out this way... Damn the MPAA.

#1 "Janet Leigh, who?" (Scream)

Best part is, Drew Barrymore was actually going to be cast as Sidney when she decided to take on the iconic role of Casey Becker! She was the one that actually came up with the idea of starting off the movie with a completely unexpected twist... which is exactly what we got!

This scene is EPIC. Yes, Alfred Hitchcock did it first... but Wes Craven was still bold enough to try it again, and it worked! Casey Becker's death is probably the scariest of all of the deaths on this list just because of how sad it was watching her trying to scream out for her mother while Ghostface continued to butcher her. I still feel a bit rattled when alone at the house and the phone suddenly rings! R.I.P. Casey Becker...

Don't forget to check in with me next week next tuesday for my next post, and I promise...

It's going to be killer.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

But let me know what you think! Which was your favorite kill? Which kills did I miss? And where did I go wrong?


Which was your favorite kill?


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