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So everyone knows now Spiderman has entered the MCU. I could care less who will play him in the movies, for right now at least, I recognize it could make or break him. The only reason I care when is because I want to dissect his character's interactions with the other characters.

Iron Man

I think Spidey's playful, boyish personality will play amazing with Iron Man. Specifically RDJ's Iron Man. I can hear the tin head jokes and the bug-eyed jokes now. It seems like the two would get along well. Too bad I'd guess he will end up on Cap's side in Civil War ( I admittedly have read very few comic books and only jumped into the Marvel boat with the movies ). I can still see it being played out great between the two.

Captain America

I can only say so much about this. The Captain's straight forward, frankly soldiery attitude will only go so far with Spidey's fun-loving ways, but Cap is also a leader, who knows personality can go far on any team and will be happy to have a bad-ass like him on his side.


I think he could care less, beyond his fighting abilities. I could also see some mentoring go on.


Same as Falcon, but I doubt she will spend much time training a young squirt like him.


As Bruce Banner, I think Peter Parker just becomes another science buddy on the team. As Hulk I can hear the Puny Bug statements flying already.


I think it will be fun to see Parker's reaction that there really are gods out there..... And that they couldn't help his uncle still.


Spidey adds a whole new level of fun and joking to what could be a very intense movie. I don't doubt Civil War will be a thrill ride, but SpiderMan just makes it all better.


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