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Well folks if you haven't heard the news yet, you live under a rock. As was announced by many sources we will finally get to see the neighborhood's friendly Spider-Man join everyone's favorite team, the Avengers. In the deal it has been announced Spidey will officially join the team in Captain America: Civil War, and Sony will move forward with the solo Spider-Man films with production help from Marvel.

Why is this such a good thing? To be honest I can't name one negative to this deal, so let me count the positive ways!

1. Crossovers!

For fans out there that started Marvel life with comicbooks, well before movies had a chance of being what they are today, you got to experience some amazing crossovers. Obviously everyone knows about the Civil War story line, which brought Sony and Disney together for this partnership, but seriously there are some amazing crossovers other than CW. Let me give you a couple.

Spider-Man: The Other - Who does this story line involve? A whole slew of Marvel characters. The story line involves Peter Parker having a health scare where he is dreaming about several villains, as well as his dead uncle, and he has to deal with the villain Tracer. The Marvel characters that show up are Yellowjacket, Bruce Banner, Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Ironman, and Spider-Woman. It's a great story line that brings a lot of our favorites together, the villain Tracer is an enemy reminiscent of Ultron, it shows an extremely vulnerable Spidey, and is a definite read from me.

Daredevil/Spider-Man - With the new Daredevil Netflix series on the horizon, this would be a great connection for the Sony/Marvel deal. It just seems like a must in my mind. This is a team that makes sense, with DD and PP both being more down to earth superheroes it just makes sense. What is the story arc? Someone has a hit out on Kingpin and our heroes have to team together to find out who's trying to become the top guy by killing the King. I won't say much more as I don't want to give anything away. READ IT! Bonus Read: The Death of Jean DeWolff - One of the earlier DD/Spidey cross-overs it involves the villain Sin-Eater and once again pairs Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man #129 -

One of my favorites!
One of my favorites!

Now that Marvel has the rights back for The Punisher they will be looking for the best way to get Frank Castle back on the big screen would be to bring him face to face with Peter Parker. This is one of the best crossover story-lines ever written in my mind. It's the first time we see the Punisher and his battles with Spider-Man are epic. I think really all I need to say is this: The Jackel hires the Punisher to kill Spidey, easily one of the greatest crossovers of all time, read it to find out what happens!

2. A New Spider-Man:

This makes the Miles Morales Spidey look epic!
This makes the Miles Morales Spidey look epic!

Well to me this isn't as big of a deal as I actually enjoyed the mopey Andrew Garfield, I was in the minority as most people were ready to get a new Spider-Man, and now that Marvel is pegged to work with Sony on the franchise they are looking to cast a much younger Spider-Man. Now does that mean we will be getting Miles Morales, or just a younger Peter Parker? I can't speak for anyone, but Parker was the Spidey that worked with the Avengers on Civil War so it would really change things to bring in Morales (I do urge you to pay attention to what he is wearing in the above image!), though I enjoy him as a character and wouldn't mind seeing his turn as the webbed crusader on film.

3. Budget Problems? No Way!

Though there are many other reasons why this partnership makes sense, with a Marvel/Disney backing you have a lot more leeway on your budget. Sony said they had several restraints on the most recent run of Spider-Man, and that all but goes out the window with Marvel backing all future Spider-Man endeavors! Seriously there are no negatives to this partnership, other than the fact Marvel doesn't outright own Spider-Man but, at least we get their two cents this way!

My hope is that this opens doors for a Fox/Marvel partnership on the same level, of course Fox and Marvel have more of a problem with one another than Sony/Marvel had! Let's keep our fingers cross, a year ago if you asked anyone this was never going to happen and it has, so why can't that Fox partnership be in the future? Let me know what team up you look forward to the most below!


What Marvel/Sony mash-up are you looking forward to the most?


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