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So as pretty much everyone by now has heard that Sony and Marvel have struck up a deal to bring Spider-Man back to Marvel and into the MCU (fan girls like myself are currently still rejoicing) But the along with the announcement that Spider-Man is back it seems like Andrew Garfield is out. To be honest I am sad to see him go, I thought that Andrew Garfield was a fantastic Spider-Man.

But that does leave the role open to someone new, and that to me is exciting. So who could it be? At the moment there are a lot of ideas floating around the internet of who Spider-Man could be.

After reading as many articles as I could about Spider-Man joining the MCU, I've seen some actors who's name is everywhere.

1. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman to be would be a great choice for Spider-Man. There is no doubting his acting abilities from [The Perks of Being a Wallflower](movie:45866) and Fury. But there is something about him to me that does say Spider-Man, he has a sarcastic nature during Percy Jackson and I believe he has the nerdy charm needed to play Spider-Man. I myself love Logan Lerman and I do think he would be a fantastic choice.

2. Dylan O'Brian

Dylan O'Brian to me would also be a great choice, his role in The Internship showed the moody teenager that he could be as Spider-Man and [The Maze Runner](movie:575895) defiantly showed he had the agility and action skills for the role. I think he would be a good choice for the role, and I am a huge fan of Dylan O'Brian.

3. Jack O'Connell

Now to be honest with you, I am not very familiar with Jack O'Connell so I myself can not say whether or not he could be a good Spider-Man. So I will leave this one to everyone else to think about as I myself can not talk about him. (Sorry Jack, I will be watching something with you in very soon)

4. Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort is another actor's name who I have seen in a lot of articles about who should be the next Spider-Man. However I myself, although loving him a lot and his is to me the most perfect Augustus Walters, I'm not sure if he would be the perfect Spider-Man. But I know that he has great acting abilities and I think that if he did get cast as Spider-Man he would be brilliant.

5. Donald Glover

Now Donald Glover to me would be an awesome choice. He is hilarious in Community and after his comedic sketch a while back there was a campaign for him to be the first Black Spider-Man. I believe that he would have the ability to bring everything that Peter Parker is to the role. But he is the oldest of the list of actors that I have seen.

Now, the question is. What does the MCU mean for Spider-Man?

Also who do you think would make a great Spider-Man?


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