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So, if you haven't heard the news yet, television host and political satirist Jon Stewart announced today that he would be leaving The Daily Show, during a recording of the popular Comedy Central program. CC confirmed that Jon would be leaving near the end of this year. Jon was the second host of the show, after Craig Kilborn, and his retirement marks the end of a 16 year run.

Needless to say, it will be sad to see him go. Especially since news of Stephen Colbert's retirement from the Colbert Report was not too long ago. As a viewer of both shows, it's sad to see them gone, but I wish both Jon and Stephen luck in their future endeavors!

Farewell Jon Stewart
Farewell Jon Stewart

But fans of The Daily Show don't need to worry completely, Comedy Central also confirmed that the show will continue "for years to come." So, while this year marks the last time we'll see Jon Stewart on the spinning chair, like any other successful talk show, TDS will find another!

But who will that be? Well, nothing's been announced yet so it's anyone's game right now. But here are my picks for who CC should consider to take the spot of Jon Stewart.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is a comedian and currently a correspondent on [The Daily Show with Jon Stewart](series:2086205), so they wouldn't have to look far for this one. Jessica's the perfect choice! She knows her stuff, is hilarious and has a great on-camera personality!

Her and Jon are great friends so I wouldn't doubt that she's being considered for the job right now! She's been doing stand-up for years, so she's definitely got the talent to deliver the laughs while still delivering (and poking at) the facts!

Rob Riggle

Rob is never given the credit he deserves! After years of playing the bully-type comedic guy in Adam Sandler movies and his recent comedic role in the NFL commercials, people have forgotten that he's actually pretty intelligent.

Rob was a correspondent for The Daily Show from 2006-2008, traveling to places like Iraq and China to report. Like Jessica Williams, he has a knack for finding the facts and presenting them in a super humorous way! Getting the hosting job on The Daily Show could be the redemption that Rob Riggle needs!

Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler is one of my favorite comedians! Aisha is currently the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Talk! Fans can also hear her voice on [Archer](series:720985) and she has hosted three Ubisoft E3 press conferences.

Aisha is a great choice for the job! She's funny, quirky and nerd-savvy! That last one has nothing to do with The Daily Show, but it definitely brings something new to the table!

Aasif Mandvi

You may know this man as yet another Daily Show correspondent. But Aasif is also a notable comedian and actor. Appearing in Spider-Man 2, [The Internship](movie:356622) and (ugh) The Last Airbender. Aasif is hilarious, he'd be perfect for the job!

Another correspondent who knows how to slam you with facts without making you feel like you're being taught something until later on in the day when you suddenly realize you were!

So there you have it! My top picks for who should host The Daily Show once Jon Stewart makes his unfortunate exit! Do you agree with any of them?


Who should be the new host for TDS?


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