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So, unless you live under a rock, with no cell service or access to the internet, you've heard the news our friendly neighborhood wall crawler has made his way back to Marvel/Disney Studios... kind of. With a limited licensing agreement, Marvel may now use the web head's name, likeness, and ultimately, the actor who portrays him will be able to participate in the Marvel movie-verse, and
Sony's stand alone projects. The only thing is, Spidey will be rebooted once more, and Andrew Garfield, though a fan favorite, will not be taking up the web shooters in future installments.

Oh, Andrew, don't cry!
Oh, Andrew, don't cry!

So here we are. The slate again clean and the hunt for a new Peter Parker has begun. However, before we go naming potential inductees, first we must decide which Spider-man we are gonna get.

If you follow the comics, Spidey has gone through many changes, and there are many versions of the character that are considered canon, though many of the exist outside of 616. Also, it has been made clear by Marvel/Disney execs that there is no interest in rehashing the tear-jerking origins of the character, and will keep the drama hero related, skirting the romance for a more complex plot.

Oh no, not you too, Tobey...
Oh no, not you too, Tobey...

Now it is safe to say Marvel/Disney will opt to use the Peter Parker version of Spidey, but if you want a good run down of some of the alternate Spider-Men AND Women, head to Comicstorian and check out their video on most of the Spidey's out there in the multiverse.

That being said here is what I think we will see from our first MCU look at Spidey.

Better with Age.

First, we will see an older Peter. Now I don't mean the actor will be older, since both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were over a decade out of teen years. We will most likely meet peter as a senior in college, or even a grad student. Three or more years into his superhero-ing. The stories of the Spider-Man are well known and Spidey has been the subject to many a photograph captured by Daily Bugle photo journalist, Peter Parker. Coming to the end of his schooling, he lives with long time girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. This way he is already well into the groove of being Peter and Spidey, and Marvel can move past the 'mellow drama.'

A great way to introduce the wall crawler to the MCU may not be the most obvious, however, it would quite simply be bad ass, and that is through the Netflix Marvel series' that will begin to premier soon. Maybe...


Now I know, long shot. But he doesn't have to appear in the first season. He doesn't actually have to be in Daredevil for that matter. The entire Netflix collection is said to culminate into a Defenders series/movie, and Spidey has teamed up with them before, most specifically, the "Secret Defenders."

An oldie, but a goodie!
An oldie, but a goodie!

After the events of Avengers and the unveiling of Hydra forces within SHIELD, the heroes of the world are busier than ever, and staying below the radar is becoming difficult. Spidey and other masked heroes, such as "Powerman" Luke Cage, Daredevil, etc. have overstayed their welcome and the government doesn't like rogue heroes waging personal wars on crime. This push against the heroes is the precursor to Spidey's first big screen appearence in...

Politicians have orchestrated the "Hero Registration Act" (or something of the like) and have assigned Secretary of State, Tony Stark as poster boy for the movement.

Captain America has a moral objection to locking up good, red blooded Americans, fighting for justice and so ensues the beginning of Captain America 3.

How does Spider-Man fit?

Now, aside from the "hero drama," Peter's life is going pretty well. His scientific career taking shape, he becomes an intern at Stark industries where he is introduced to Tony Stark. Meanwhile as Spider-Man, he is being closely watched by Iron Man as a potential threat, or possible ally. Captain America has also been vetting Spider-Man, and the two have made their intentions known. With intelligence gathered by the remnants of SHIELD and through some clever deduction, Tony discovers Peter's secret alter ego. This, combined with the rewrites to the original Civil War arc Marvel is applying the script, would fit well into what the MCU has going on.

There are many reasons the MCU may take this route. One I've already stated. Spider-Man is Kind of like Batman, in that, no matter how many times the story is told, it always starts the same. Boy gets powers, his uncle is murdered, boy realizes all of his uncle's advice applies to his current situation, boy becomes man, and man becomes hero. Blah, blah, blah.

Marvel is interested in telling stories that aren't already being told. Just like the mood DC is headed in with Batman, Marvel would rather put together a more intriguing plot that doesn't have a origins story to eat up valuable screen time.

Reason two; familiarity. EVERYONE born in the last twenty years has had two versions of Spidey to follow on movie screens, not to mention four or five animated series' and the character has been appearing in print since 1962. We get it!

The final and third reason, and most importantly, is there are no other "masked vigilantes" in the MCU as of now. This movie-verse is very much based on the military side of superhero-ing. Also, introducing Spidey along side minor heroes will not only boost the Netflix series' in popularity, but also shine a light on the lesser known heroes of the defenders. Also, creating a character in a series of appearances across a series, will allow for a more dynamic character arc.

Well those are my thoughts on the recent licensing changes to the Spider-man. Hopefully, Marvel and Sony can continue to work together and set a good example for how these properties are handled in the future...

Yea, I'm looking at you, FOX...
Yea, I'm looking at you, FOX...

The biggest question on my mind now; What's gonna happen to that Venom movie we've been waiting for?! Really I just want a Venom to be proud of... Like THIS ... but with a budget.


Do you think how I've explained is the way we'll see Spidey?


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