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Now there's been a lot of buzz lately around DC Comics hit new TV show The Flash, for specifically one reason; is DC secretly leading us into The Flash Point Paradox? This would be awesome for something like this for DC's future!

I'll just put a Warning ahead of time as this may be a potential spoiler for future episodes. I'l also warn you this does tend to get a bit messy because of the timeline, so good luck!

This week's episode of The Flash featured the further introduction of Ronnie and Prof. Stein trapped in the body of Firestorm, but unfortunately that wasn't all. Meanwhile on the other side of things Detective Joe West and Cisco follow up some lead's on Barry's mothers murder. At the home they come across an old mirror covered by Silver Nitrate which was produced by the two speedsters on the night of the murder. A quick Science lesson; Silver Nitrate was produced by photography or in this case, great amounts of light.

Flash Point Paradox (2013 Animated Film)
Flash Point Paradox (2013 Animated Film)

Later Detective Joe discovers blood stains behind the wall paper of the house produced from the night. Cisco ran some tests on the samples and they matched Barry Allen's DNA! But the sample contained some substance that identified Barry's blood much more Mature.

On the flip side of things on Arrow, Ray Palmer was introduced to the show, buying off Queen Industries and seeking Felicity's help on a project to help keep the city safe known as project A.T.O.M. See a connection yet??

Well, my thoughts are that DC already had a crossover featuring Steven Amell and Grant Gustion, so why not do it again? Having already introduced The Atom, Arrow, Flash, Firestorm, and various super villain's not to mention all the hint off's of Batman and Superman, DC could be leading us onto something HUGE!

As many of you probably know the Flash point Paradox takes place where Barry consumed by all the grief of his mothers death, build's this device with the Atom called The Cosmic Treadmill, this device allows Barry (and Atom) to visit any point in time! Now do you see the connection???

Barry goes back, tries to prevent his mothers death, from the help of the Atom's treadmill, and encounters the Reverse Flash. Of course words are said and Barry's mother realizes whats happening while a young Barry Allen watches HIMSELF defend his mother from the Reverse Flash. Think I'm crazy? Thankfully I'm not! Go checkout the Flash point Paradox yourself.

Still not convinced? Recently Grant Gustin teased about future episodes, literately.

"We have been shooting a lot that involves time travel, it gets very confusing, as far as logistics and what you are doing, and where you are, what has happened, what hasn't happened."

When asked if the cosmic treadmill will come into play, Gustin teased,

"Yeah" and added, "I'm going to say that yes, Andrew Kreisberg would have said yes if you had asked him the same question."

Want some more information on the Reverse Flash to tie everything together? Head over and check out my other posts!


Can CW's Flash really be leading up to the Paradox?


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