ByMusa Chaudhry, writer at

Jon Stewart let slip during the live taping of today's show that he will be 'retiring,' and stepping down as host of [The Daily Show with Jon Stewart](series:2086205) on Comedy Central, ending an endearing 15 year era of making a mockery of mainstream news. His term will end later this year.

He was the source of the news for many of us, and it will be exciting to see the next stages of Stewart's career. This episode will be airing tonight at 11/10 central.

Jon Stewart showed promise as a film director, with his film 'Rosewater' earning praise from critics last year, and maybe he will be focusing his attention on directing, or producing films.

Comedy Central released a statement via their twitter, which you could see below:

As of right now, it is unclear who will take over for the host. Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn in 1999, and I'm sure the network will be looking for somebody who could captivate audiences with laughter and truth as long as Jon has.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been the second longest running program on Comedy Central behind South Park, and has won nearly two dozen Emmy's.


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