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Ok guys, we have all known for quite some time, since the big news of [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) being confirmed, that there was a slight chance that Sony and Marvel may have to combine resources to give us the best version of Civil War possible.

The time has come, and I am proud to announce, in my first article, that we can celebrate and dance in the streets for days... Spiderman is coming home!!!!

Yes, it may be for one movie at the moment. However the opportunities are endless for this merging of the two rival film making companies.

Small glimpse into the potential future..
Small glimpse into the potential future..

What does the future hold?

So far we know that Spiderman is going to make an appearance in Captain America 3: Civil War. This has got most** of the fan boys (and girls) cartwheeling through the streets as one of the most iconic storylines and one of the most iconic characters is coming to the big screen for us all to enjoy.

(**I say most of the fans due to the fact I have read on Twitter and Facebook a lot of bad vibes coming from some fans, not impressed with the move and calling it desperate.. I say they are all dumb-asses!! And they can go and suck a fat one).

If this move is successful, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be more story arcs and more crossovers in the pipeline. Sony need a boost like this so if you weigh up the risk, it will be Marvels risk to make. And we can all safely agree that Marvels risks have paid off massively in the past ([Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) mainly) so on that front I am not worried.

However there is one thing that have got us fans split, and that is Who is going to be Spiderman?? Some people think good old Tobey should make a reappearance. Some people think Garfield IS Spiderman. This article is not for me to preach to you who I think is Spiderman and that is it, the be all and end all. No, this article is for me to share a few names and see if I can get everyone else talking and see, who the man / boy for the job is. So, without further ado, I bring you my selections -:

Zac Efron

Disney's Go To Guy...
Disney's Go To Guy...

Basically the sub text to the photo gives you the reason I have included him. He is known for being Disney's golden boy for a while now and there is not many movies connected to the Marvel Universe that is name isn't often attached too. He is popular among the teen culture and is guaranteed to sell seats in the cinema. However, the crucial question, can he be a geek? Can he show us his nerdy side or will he forever look like a dumb jock? In my opinion he is never Spiderman, too much of a pretty boy, although I do think he would make a sweet Flash Thompson / Venom (Just throwing that out there for future reference). His fan base is good enough to sell tickets and bring in the crowds, but if we want a Spiderman who can pen a 3 / 4 / 5 movie deal, Spiderman has to be cast younger than this dude. Which brings me to my next choice -:

Logan Lerman

Who doesn't secretly like Percy Jackson...
Who doesn't secretly like Percy Jackson...

This is one of my favorite choices I have heard floated about so far. He has the experience of playing a down on his luck kid turned hero before. And as well as his experience playing Percy Jackson he is also in the right age group for donning the famous red and blue suit for several years to come. Definitely a contender for the role and should be considered. I could write a long winded essay on how good this guy is, but it speaks volumes when the likes of Brad Pitt call him a star for the future. I am now going to use this chap to lead onto my personal choice for the role of our beloved web slinger -:

Dylan O'Brien

Potential Spidey?? Hell Yeah!!
Potential Spidey?? Hell Yeah!!

Now this is my front runner for Spiderman. He is in the right age group, has a growing fan base and his recent work has shown enough of his skills to make him the perfect choice. The Maze Runner is an OK movie, made better with this appearance of this chap. He showed that he can play a leader among men/boys within the movie and basically stole the show. However its the wise cracking Styles (Teen Wolf) that has made this ,for me, an easy choice. The geeky, mouthy son of a sheriff, who holds his own within the show and steals almost ever scene he is in. He will no doubt own the role to the point we would be saying "Why Tobey? And Why Garfield?". This is the role that will define this young guy and I really hope this is the man that is chosen.

I am not going to go on and on about anyone else, as I feel that from these three contenders, we could be looking at a potential Spiderman. However I am going to throw out there one more person, someone who can play an older Spidey and would ultimately smash it -:

Jay Baruchel

Funny guy, possible older Peter Parker?
Funny guy, possible older Peter Parker?

Now if we go for an older version of Spiderman, then why not go in the direction of this chap. He is a funny funny guy, and would bring the right amount of wit to the role than anyone would. In comparison to the rest of The Avengers he can still pull of the younger guy role, and is already a ready made, credible actor. He has so much potential yet has not quite landed the defining role of his career as of yet. It is around this guys age that most actors tend to peak, and putting his name against the other candidates, you would probably say he's not the likeliest choice, however in a way, feels like the right choice.

It is so hard to pin point who would make the best Spiderman. I am sure that we can all agree on one thing however, and that is that the success of Marvel's movies of late, is mostly down to the consistency with the casting choices. How many Iron Man's have there been? How many Thor's? How many times have they changed Captain America? The fact they have cast someone, and stuck by there choice is proof to Sony on how a casting choice should be made and dealt with. Don't go changing every two second, no one wants that. Pick your Spiderman and stick by him.

I do apologize in advance for anyone reading this and thinking "What the hell nonsense have I just read?". This is my first article and any creative feedback is appreciated guys. But also keep in mind that it is essentially 4am here and I have just finished work a few hours ago and wanted to write this quickly to share my views before anyone else gets there before me. So please be kind when you are giving feedback. Also I wish to thank you for taking a few minutes from your day to read this. And dependent on the success of this and how it's received, I may even make this a regular thing and write more things for you.

Thanks again guys and please do share and get involved!!!


Who do you think is Spiderman??


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