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So this is my first post so please be kind in the comments. Now to business. So late on Monday or early on Tuesday Marvel and Sony made a small announcement about Spiderman. Later in the day Marvel announced a revised Phase 3 roll out schedule. Now in a post I read on this sight back in November by @kitsb1 (which i don't know how to link to or I would.) about a missing movie in July of 2016. (Google Marvel Phase 3 missing movie). In this revised roll out most of the later films have been moved back. Ok, that really does not affect the larger story going into the Infinity War movies except for moving the Inhumans until after they take place. Knowing Marvel they had a plan for their characters and stories before the Phase 3 announcement was made. I don't think that Marvel would risk a multi-billion dollar plan for one character. My thinking, which i believe is completely logical is that given the Inhumans reveal on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D instead of being four years early, it is in fact a reveal of a movie that is only two years away (July 2016) Marvel's missing movie.

And not just some random thoughts to support this idea. First Vin Diesel putting his name out there for the roll of BlackBolt soon after the Phase 3 reveal. Second with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D having a super powered Skye on the team and Coulson running the agency tension with the Civil War story line is ripe for exlopration, because its all connected. And finally moving the movie to 2016 would not have any impact on the movies that come after it.

So what do you think. Please leave your comments, and be nice.


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