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So by now most if not all of you are aware that Marvel has struck a deal with Sony to integrate Spider-man into the MCU, as well as putting Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal on the new team working on yet another reboot of the friendly wall-crawler. Many questions, however, have arisen regarding HOW Peter Parker (or Miles Morales) will be added to the Avenger-scape.

We also however have breadcrumbs of information where he will be added, clues including releasing a 2017 set date when we may see him on the big-screen in a solo film. There is also rumor that Spidey may appear in Captain America 3: Civil War.

Here is the list in chronological order of the Phase 3/Post-phase 3 MCU lineup:


Captain America 3

Doctor Strange


Spider-man (Solo Film)

Thor 3

Infinity War: Part 1

Black Panther

Captain Marvel

Infinity War: Part 2


Now if you pay attention, you will notice that Black Panther was pushed back until after Infinity War: Part 1, as well as Inhumans being pushed to after Phase 3 supposedly was supposed to end: Infinity War: Part 2. This tells me two things: One) That our suspicions were correct that T'Challa in some way would have originally been used in Civil War to fill the space that Spider-man takes up in the comic book story. Now that Spider-man is a part of the MCU, my theory is that something will happen in Thor 3 or Infinity War: Part 1 that will cause the Avengers to shatter, leaving Black Panther to become the leader of the New Avengers that will meet Captain Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and likely be started by the Defenders.

With this being said, the arrival of Spider-man will change the course of the MCU altogether. My predictions of how Spidey will take over the Avenger's universe are deeply rooted in what role I believe he will play in both Civil War and Infinity War. The way I'd go about introducing Peter (and I say Peter, not Miles) is for him to already have been bit by the spider and dealt with the death of his uncle. His character would be the face of the anti-Superhuman Registration Act, which would put all super-powered humans under government control and surveillance, as well as a main motivation for heroes like Captain America and Daredevil to take him under their wing as he ignites the beginning of the age of secret identity. He would ultimately come out as being the victim of an accident at Oscorp Industries, uncovering Norman Osborn's illegal activities and maybe even introducing him as a villain for the solo film. His motives would be obvious: revenge against Spider-man after causing the government to shut down Oscorp and ultimately turning himself into a monster.

The solo films could also give a reason for the Avengers being reassembled (minus Thor due to Ragnorok) because they would be training him to be a superhero like in the Ultimate Comics. He would be the glue to the Avengers that holds them together both in Civil War as the character that both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark want to enlist, and the new baby-brother Avenger that the whole team would care about.

Therefore, we would also care about him. He's a lovable character, a fan favorite.


So what do you guys think? Will Spider-man be the new central focus of the MCU now that he's back to Marvel?


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