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After 7 long years of great Marvel movies, shorts and television shows; it finally happened... Sony and Marvel have made a deal to put Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have answered the prayers of thousands of comic book geeks including myself. While this is a time for celebration, we have to wonder how Marvel will integrate him into the movies. Since it's been reported that Andrew Garfield is out as Spider-Man, a loss but hopefully not a setback, Marvel will probably start fresh for the Wall-Crawler with a new actor and just erase the last 3 years for Sony. It's has also been reported that Marvel is planning a standalone movie for Spider-Man produced by Kevin Feige and has even set the other phase 3 movies' dates back.

Well, obviously Marvel will want to use this opportunity to include Spider-Man in Civil War due to be released next summer. Marvel will now want to stay true to storyline this movie is based on; however, in the actual storyline of civil war, Spider-Man has already been doing his thing for several years already as he states in front of the whole world. This is a concern because is Marvel gonna just pretend that Spider-Man's be doing his job during the events of Avengers, Age of Ultron, or any of the other Marvel movies? That would be a very lazy ploy for the people at Marvel to pull and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

Another way they could bring Spider-Man into Civil War is squeezing in a different plot where Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man or maybe Peter becomes Spider-Man in between Age of Ultron and Civil War and Marvel will release a short on the DVD of Age of Ultron. Another way to look at this is that Marvel may not even want to put Spider-Man in Civil War now. Maybe his standalone movie is enough to add the Web-Swinger to the MCU, in which case... How? Sony has, unfortunately, done most of Spider-Man's most famous foes either poorly or to death. While Norman Osborn/Green Goblin is Spider-Man's archenemy, we've seen this character twice in the movies and I don't know what Marvel can do to the character that could bring in a new spin on the character. Spider-Man's origin has also been done to death with it's usual message of "With great power comes great responsibility".

The Amazing Spider-Man did a decent job of trying to bring a new spin on it but they're are only so many ways you broadcast this message without sounding like a broken record. The movie however can introduce villains that Sony has not put in their movies yet, some greats that include Mysterio, Carnage, Tombstone, Shocker, Chameleon, so many more to mention. Marvel, literally, only has one chance to get this right and there is a lot of pressure on them. Unfortunately, in order for this to be a successful as the other movies in this franchise, we need to mostly try and erase the last 13 years or so of Sony's two franchises. We'll just have to wait and see what Marvel has in store for Spider-Man.


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