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So, the mid-season two finale of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) was pretty dang intense! So much happened, it would take at least four articles to cover it all, so I'm just going to cover the most important part in this particular sitting.

Now, if y'all have not watched it yet, and don't want any spoilers, then don't read on. I am going to be covering some pretty major spoilerish aspects of the show.

Alright, I'm going to be talking about....

Poor Trip. :(
Poor Trip. :(

Trip's "death!"

The reason I say "death" in quotations is because I don't think Trip is actually dead.


Now, this isn't just some half-brained theory of some fanboy. I actually think I have some valid points here...

Yes, I know that he was blasted by the Terrigen Mists when he was deemed unworthy or something, turned to stone and then fell to pieces when Skye went all Quake on everyone!!!!

That was an amazing episode!!!
That was an amazing episode!!!

But that doesn't mean he died, right?

Think about it, how did he even get into the Temple? Those who weren't worthy weren't allowed in, the city would stop them.

You might say something like, "Well, Mac (the cities new security guard) was busy stopping Coulson. He couldn't stop Trip as well."

Don't do it! Don't do it! Dang did it. :/
Don't do it! Don't do it! Dang did it. :/

Do you really think that the city would have only Mac as its defense? What if Mac hadn't even touched the ground and become possessed? Then it wouldn't have anything protecting it.

Now you might say, "The city, and the aliens who built it, probably foresaw Mac doing as he did, or the city somehow 'chose' Mac, thus they knew it'd be secure."

But if they knew that Mac would touch the ground of the city, they'd also know that Trip would enter the Temple and they'd probably set something up to prevent that from happening...but they didn't. I seriously doubt that after all those years of planning and preparation, they'd mess up and let him get inside.

There's no way he could've gotten into the Temple unless it let him in.

You might now say, "Alright, you make a few good points, but we saw him crumble into dust with our own eyes. How do you explain yourself out of that?"


And I say to you, notice the key word, "Dust." Now, [Marvel](channel:932254) has a character named Dust.

And she's pretty powerful too!!!
And she's pretty powerful too!!!

She can turn her body into tiny sand-like particles and become a living sand storm.

Now, my theory is that Trip is an Inhuman as well.

The three Inhuman Amigos!!!
The three Inhuman Amigos!!!

Maybe (although it's very unlikely) that Trip might be some weird version of Dust. Instead of being a female Arabian and an X-Man, he's a male black guy and an Inhuman. (weirder things have happened) However, a more likely scenario is that he's simply someone with similar powers, especially since Fox probably owns the rights to Dust anyhow.

Skye got earthquake powers, Raina is Tigra or something, and maybe Trip broke into little bits because that was his power. He was encased in a cocoon-like thing and, when it fell away, just like with Skye and Raina, he fell away with it.

Yeah, I know, it's all pretty farfetched and maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think it'd make sense to bring him back. I mean, you can't just kill him off! He's the grandson of a Howling Commando and he's awesome! Plus, you can't kill him with his last thoughts being that he let Skye die.

What do you think? Is Trip an Inhuman or have I been smoking too many Smarties?


Do you think Trip could have survived?


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