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Things got nuclear on The Flash's latest episode. LITERALLY! Week #3 in my weekly reviews for both The Flash and Arrow. My video review is right below this so just click there to watch!

My reviews will not analyze every single detail of the episode or even give it a grade. I'm going to discuss the top 5 moments or stories that stuck out to me.

Let's get started!

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Now, let's get to my written review.

Spoiler warning if you haven't watch this episode.

5. Iris/Linda/Barry love triangle

We saw last week Linda hit on Barry at the karaoke bar. Barry is trying to move on by going on his first date with Linda. Linda and Barry seem to hit it off on their dates besides the fact that he keeps cutting them short.

Then enters Iris... Barry has found a way to move on past Iris' rejection in the mid-season finale and found this Linda girl. What does Iris do? Opposed to being a good "bff" she pretty much tells Linda that Barry is hung up on someone. I'm sorry but right now Iris is my least favorite character in this entire show.

Hate to sound like a 12 year old girl but wtf Iris?

4. Adventures of Joe and Cisco!

After taking a couple weeks off of Barry's mother's investigation, Joe decides to do some investigating along. He brings along Cisco and swears him to secrecy. These scenes were so much fun because we feel the characters getting closer and close to the truth.

The show makes you root for them because they know just as much as we do basically when it comes to the murder. Joe also confessed to Cisco that he doesn't trust Dr. Wells. Perhaps laying the seeds to have Cisco confront Wells. I hope we return to this duo soon.

More on what they find later!

3. Firestorm finally went somewhere

After weeks and weeks of this firestorm storyline circling in the shadows it was finally able to be the main focus of the episode. Wells uses the device he stole at the beginning of the season to try to splice Dr. Stein from Ronnie's body.

We got to actually see scenes with Ronnie/Dr. Stein besides him growling to "stay away" and throwing fireballs. Ronnie and Dr. Stein are both half there. I really hope they continue this storyline next episode so this isn't prolonged for another 13 episodes like it has been all season.

2. Ends on a cliffhanger

For what feels like the first time in the entire season, The Flash ends and episode on a cliffhanger. Numerous episodes the final scenes depict Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs gang putting another meta-human in their little mini-super-human-prison.

This week was different. Firestorm/Ronnie/Dr. Stein whatever you want to call him exploded. We see Barry running with Caitlin away from the blast and boom (pun intended) the episode ends. Obviously, Barry and Caitlin will survive but we aren't sure what became of Firestorm. I'm glad The Flash doesn't overuse cliffhangers because when they use them like this, it feels special.

1. A huge discovery

All season long we've been wondering what is going on with the man in yellow? Why did he kill Barry's mom? Was there another speedster with the guy in yellow? Well, tonight we got some new information. Through the use of a bunch of high-tech-mumbo-jumbo, Cisco was able to find some DNA from the night of Barry's mother's murder.

The one DNA sample he found was an OLDER BARRY ALLEN! That's right. Barry must've come back to try to prevent his mother's murder and battle the Reverse Flash. We've known from Wells' future newspaper that time travel exists but the fact that this proves it 100% does. I cannot wait.

What did you guys all think? Comment below so we can discuss!

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