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Missed my Top 10 Lists?

I thought so! This countdown is a very special one since it's my first one that has nothing to do with superheroes!

Question: What happens when a movie is terrible and no one actually likes it?

Answer: They make a sequel!

That's right! This is a list of some terrible or even just bad movies which surprisingly managed to get a sequel, films which failed to amuse us/ excite us/ scare us and against all odds they managed to return! Enjoy!

10) Robocop 2

I've met people who don't even know the existence of the Robocop sequel (by ''people'', I mean the guys from my comic book store). And who can blame them? The second movie is just a letdown compared to the original masterpiece...

Robocop 2 failed to capture the magic of first film despite its interesting premise. In the sequel, corrupt businesswoman Juliette Faxx seeks to disable Robocop in favor of her own model of cyborg, Cain.


9) High School Musical/ Spy Kids/ Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Whaaaaat? Three movies at number nine? Why? How can he do that? This list is terrible! I'm going to complain in the comments!
My list, my rules! Well, the truth is that I didn't want to complain about all of these separately! They are just silly flicks with lame plots and crappy CGI. And don't give the ''they're made for children'' excuse, because Toy Story is made for children, too. Lion King is made for children, too. And Shrek The Third is made for...

Let's leave Sherk The Third out of this!

8) Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

What's the worst thing about The Final Friday? It isn't actually The "Final" Friday. The Friday the 13th franchise is a movie series which should have stopped, or at least been rebooted, a long-time ago. In this ninth installment, Jason is killed by the FBI and returns as a vengeful spirit, possessing people and eating their hearts! It is considered the weakest of the series, and believe it or not the sequel is even worse. In the next movie, Jason travels to the future, in order to kill some people with the most ridiculous names in cinema history (seriously, there's a guy named Tsunaron).

7) Twilight: Eclipse

Oh my God! Not this franchise! Seriously now?

I was willing to give the franchise a chance despite the badmouthing of the internet, but I couldn't help but find most of the movies extremely underwhelming. They promise so much, and then they deliver so little...

Just like with many other franchises, the third movie should have been the conclusion. The story ended, the three rogue vampires were all killed and Bella and Edward ended up together. Breaking Dawn was just as unnecessary as Hangover Part III. It featured no important plot changes, a predictable story, no villain deaths and a lame battle at the ending. And now they are making more? Why?

6) Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

I'm probably going to go to Hell for saying this and I'm sure I'm going to have many negative comments, but... I didn't like Dumb and Dumber.

It's just very overrated for me. And those jokes with the blind kid... I thought they were kind of offensive. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it; it did make me laugh and I enjoyed some of the scenes. On the other hand, the sequel , Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, is rubbish. The jokes were ridiculous and unfunny, the story wasn't very interesting... It was very surprising that it managed to get a follow-up, Dumb and Dumber To.

5) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Prepare yourselves for some Michael Bay b*tching! This Transformers sequel managed to be way more horrible than the original. It also managed to make a ton of money, so they created yet another sequel.

What does Revenge of the Fallen have to offer to us? More wooden acting. More booms. More deaths of Optimus Prime. More overuse of CGI. More pointless action. And more questions about the plot holes!

4) Ghost Rider

When your movie is lamer than Transformers, then you've done something horrible, something terrible! Ghost Rider is a dark superhero film, filled with fights with demons, magic, romance and action. It sounds cool, but it really isn't.

The fights were smaller than the final battle in Twilight: Eclipse. The two main leads have no actual chemistry and the story is all over the place. Some of the performances were decent, but overall the movie was a disappointment. So, did any of you think that they were going to make a second one?

The sequel isn't any better. The only actor who returns is Nic Cage and the story continues to be equally boring...

3) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Well done! You've made it to the Top Three! That means that you either like the article or that you lost a bet.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer has the longest title ever and I'm going to be extra mean about it because my "copy n' paste" buttons don't work. In this movie, we watch in terror the return of the stalker fisherman and his new victims. The first movie was kind of fun because it was something new. While watching the second film, you don't have that feeling, you don't feel that you're experiencing anything new. Horror movies shouldn't be milked by the studios because they become lamer and lamer.

The only scary fact about the movie is that it actually managed to give us a sequel, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, where that dude is stalking again! Seriously, get a life, fisherman!

2) Superman III

Superman III, a complete failure! Were you complaining about Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises? Well, this is incomparable. It's a movie without any super-villain, without any major threat and with no characters that you actually care about. Just read the IMDb summary: "Synthetic kryptonite laced with tobacco tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel."

And the most tragic thing about it? It delivered a sequel, a sequel as cheesy as this one is... God, what were they thinking? It's like making a sequel to Batman & Robin.

Oh no! I take it back!

1) The Gingerdead Man

Beware of the killer cookie!
Beware of the killer cookie!

Was there any doubt about which film would be in the first place? Wait...

Just... Just read what happens in this "horror movie": "An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer - this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent the killer to the electric chair."

It's so funny and a scary film at the same time! That's what the producers probably thought of it. Well, it really isn't... The Gingerdead Man just s*cks! It tells the story of a vicious killer whose mother saved his soul after his death and put it into a killer cookie. It's actually a lame rip-off of Child's Play and believe it or not, not only one, but two sequels were made. Their titles?

Wait for it...

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. The Gingerdead franchise is where bad puns go to die miserably (it seems as if Mister Freeze from Batman and Robin came up with the titles).

I think that my list was pretty solid. I'm sure that there are a ton of other crappy films, however, I'm one man and I can't watch all of them. I hope you agree with my choices. But in case you don't, write me your personal ones! Which movie did I forget? Which movie of those is the worst? Does Gingerdead Man deserve the first place?

Leave me your answers down below and don't forget to follow me if you enjoyed the article.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

This article is officially approved by Batman.
This article is officially approved by Batman.


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