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This has been the first episode throughout the season that has put me on the fence. It took a while to get going, exploring the love interests of multiple characters, getting a good look at Firestorm and of course getting introduced to a crazy new concept!



The Barry / Linda relationship gives us a nice break away from Iris' confused feelings about whether she wants Barry or not - or so we thought. The courting between the new lovers shows us the struggles of juggling a personal life while trying to protect the city.

Iris still manages to have a thing to say and almost ruins Barry's chances, leaving him having to affirm that he has no feelings for Iris anymore, hoping for her to no longer intervene.

It's annoying to watch Iris play the ' I don't want you, but no one else can either because I just can't make my mind up ' game, but I suppose it adds texture to the plot.


I enjoyed the CGI used for Firestorm, my only wish is that they created some more combat scenes between himself and the Flash. The Ronnie/Stein personality split is played well by Robbie Amell, with a guest appearance from Victor Garber.

It's good to see Caitlin finally getting some decent screen time and showing how she has moved on from Ronnie.

Interacting with Dr Stein while staring at the face of your fiancee and knowing it's not him must take a toll on your sanity, however it was a nice change of pace from normally seeing Caitlin turn into a mess whenever Ronnie is mentioned.

Any excuse eh..
Any excuse eh..

We end Firestorms run in this episode with him being strapped with a Quantum Splicer, designed to split Ronnie & Dr Stein. However General Eiling seems to have something to say about what happens to Firestorm

The Cosmic Treadmill / Time Travel

One of the best characters on the show
One of the best characters on the show

We finally have our answer! Looking through the articles about The Flash since the premiere episode, a few people had speculated that Barry was indeed there the night of his mothers death.

Cisco & Joe, investigating the house where Nora Allen was murdered had them come across another piece of evidence to help them identify what happened that night.

Barry's adult blood ended up on the wall that night, while battling the other speedster. Leaving a lot of us to wonder... What is going on!?

Here is an idea

We can safely assume that Dr Wells is from the future, due to the referencing of the future newspaper.

Now we also have further information to back this up with Gideon explaining to Wells that if he uses part of the Tachyon device to build a quantum splicer it will delay his timetable.

So.. Something happens in the future to cause future Flash to come back to the time that the show is set in. If there were two speedsters there that night, it would be open to the fact that the other speedster (Reverse-Flash) was there to maybe harm Barry, to stop him becoming The Flash.

[The Flash](series:1068303) travels back in time after Reverse Flash to stop this, they have an all out battle through time and eventually end up in the living room of Nora Allen.

Now here is where it gets interesting...

There are two theories here,

One is that the Reverse-Flash succeeds, murders Barry's mother and then there is an epic battle between the two speedsters where finally Barry comes out on top.


Barry defeats Reverse-Flash before Nora dies, however in doing so he then realizes if his mother does not die, it will create a paradox where he would never become The Flash in the first instance because his parents death would not of put him on that path.

Barry is then faced with a choice, murder his own mother to keep the timeline in tact and so he can become The Flash and save millions of lives or let her live and mess with everything. ( Starting to sound a lot like Dr Wells? ) Barry then makes the choice to murder his mother for the greater good and for the sake of the timeline.

However he does not have his Cosmic Treadmill anymore, so how is he to get back? Well he can't... He is in a time period where the technology doesn't even exist. So what do you do?

You can't deny the similarities
You can't deny the similarities

Well, you take the costume of the Reverse-Flash (never know when you might need it) and store it away. Barry can't be walking around in a red suit , if 15 years later a small boy is going to grow up into that same red suit - see where I am going with this?

Barry starts building, using all of his knowledge that he has gathered over the years, preparing and creating the very thing that turned him into The Flash.

Waiting for the time to train his younger self to be faster, stronger, smarter than he ever was, maybe to stop him from being put in the position where he has to decide whether his own mother lives and dies.

If you have a theory to where the show might be heading let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime...

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