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Now, when Patrick Stewart revealed in a recent interview that he would, most likely, be teaming up with Wolverine in the hero's next solo movie, a lot of people took it with a decently sized pinch of salt.

After all, Stewart did ultimately only reveal that:

"we have been talking about a Wolverine movie, which would team Hugh Jackman and myself together."

Which, sadly, is a long way from full official confirmation that such a gloriously geeky team-up is actually going to happen.

Unless, of course, another key part of the creative team were to, say, come out and more-or-less directly confirm it to. Like if, for instance...

Hugh Jackman Just Confirmed That Professor X and Wolverine Will Team-Up On-Screen

Which...totally just happened.

Asked by JoBlo about the rumors - and Patrick Stewart's revelation - Jackman had this to say:

"I'm not going to deny it...I've learned over the years to try and put my best poker face on. By the way, play poker with me if you want to win some money, because I'm terrible. But, I've always seen it as a really important relationship, and we started with that and I think it's a really important one. I think it would be really great to see it in the Wolverine movie, because we haven't really explored it in the standalone Wolverine movies. So it's not not not not not going to happen."

Which, on the one hand, is one of the most perfectly formed non-answers I've ever come across - notice that the number of 'nots' in the final sentence technically make it a negative response, while remaining completely unclear - but, on the other, seems an awful lot like a subtle acknowledgement that we are, pretty much for sure, going to see Wolverine and Professor X team up.

After all, "I'm not going to deny it" is basically Hollywood code for "I'm not allowed to say yes, but, y'know, yeah."

And, seeing as that whole idea for a movie sounds awesome, that seems like absolutely terrific news.

What do you guys reckon, though? Will Professor X and Wolverine team up on screen? What kind of plot will we see? And, technically, should this movie be The Wolverine 2, or Wolverine 3?

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