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Now, with the news that Sony and Marvel are set to team up to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's beginning to look as though our dreams of Captain America: Civil War being a full-on, superhero cameo-filled extravaganza are about to come true.

What it sadly won't feature, however, are are any of the Marvel superheroes whose rights currently lie with Fox - meaning that The X-Men and Fantastic Four look very much set to sit this one (and all others for the foreseeable future) out.

But, as it turns out, at least one X-Men star is just as disappointed by that as the rest of us...

Hugh Jackman Really Wants to See Wolverine Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The actor - whose portrayal of Wolverine has earned him plaudits from across the cinematic world - recently spoke to ScreenCrush about his response to Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man deal. The full video is below, but Jackman's key quotes encapsulate true geekdom at its very finest:

"I think that's really exciting news. I've always loved the very basic idea of the comic-book world where, on a Friday night, you can have a couple of beers with a mate, and you go 'ah, wouldn't it be great to see Wolverine face off against Iron Man' and bang, Monday morning someone's drawing it, y'know? I always thought that was cool."

And, if you thought Jackman's love of superhero crossovers was cool, just wait till you see his super-sophisticated understanding of cinematic superhero rights:

"I mean, it's a very complicated world with rights, and who buys what, at what price, when, and I think it's great that they're kind of melding in, y'know. I'm sure by the time all of that is resolved it'll be past my use-by date, but y'never know."
Even then - Old Man Logan anyone?
Even then - Old Man Logan anyone?

The key phrase there?

"Y'never know."

After all, Jackman knows just as well as the rest of us that we're unlikely to see Wolverine join The Avengers in the MCU anytime soon - Fox and Marvel rarely see eye to eye, and the X-Men movies are currently far too successful for there to be much incentive for Fox to do a deal - but that doesn't mean he isn't still hoping.

And, by hoping, I very much mean 'clearly aching to do it'...

After all, Wolverine and Spider-Man are both pretty recent members of the Avengers in the comics, but they've quickly become key members of the team - and if Marvel's Phase 4 plans need more than just the web-slinger?

Well, then..."y'never know"...

What do you guys reckon, though? Do you think Fox and Marvel will ever do a deal like Sony's? Are there any particular Wolverine and The Avengers stories you'd want to see on screen if they did? And just how much of an awesome nerd is Hugh Jackman?

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