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It's been a long time coming, but if Gotham's latest teaser trailer is to be believed, we might finally be set to see the beginnings of Batman - and DC comics' - most iconic villain.

That's right, it looks as though The Joker is finally making his way to Gotham. The big question now, though, is this: Could this really be him?

After all, we've been burned before by the show's Easter-egg-based teases of the villain, so what's different this time around?

Well, more than anything else...

This Time, The Show Is Pretty Much Straight Up Telling Us That THIS IS The Joker

Specifically, Cameron Monaghan, of Shameless, The Giver and Vampire Academy fame.

And, as you can see, Gotham's latest trailer for this coming Monday's episode - titled "The Blind Fortune Teller" - isn't exactly being subtle about who it wants us to think Monaghan is playing...

I mean, we're talking straight up...

...full on... doubt about it Joker teasing, here. I mean, did you see Monaghan laugh?

If that isn't a youthful version of The Joker, then we are most definitely being deliberately misled.

Which, of course, is entirely possible. After all, the show has never promised to show us The Joker anytime soon - and this wouldn't be the first time a series has used heavy implication to garner viewers.

There are, though, a few promising reasons to think that this might actually be our Joker.

1. Monaghan Is the Right Age

It might seem unimportant, but that fact that the show can place his character within a relatively similar age bracket to Bruce Wayne - Monaghan being 21, and able to play younger - could be a big deal come Season 4 or 5...

2. Monaghan Is the Right Amount of Famous

Specifically, he's a recognizable face, with a reputation as an experienced and accomplished actor, but he doesn't come with too much creative baggage from other shows. The last thing Gotham needs is to have us all going 'that's not the Joker, that's that guy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine'...

And, most importantly of all...

3. Monaghan Is Perfectly Cast

I mean, just look at him in that video... Whether his role is a cruel tease or not, he'd make a great Joker...

What do you guys think, though? Is Monaghan our new Joker? Will we even see The Joker this season?

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