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Mark Newton

Since the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5, we've known the always enigmatic Morgan is on the trail of Rick's gang. In fact, that's about all we know.

We're not really sure why he's following them, we don't know if Morgan has managed to become more sane since we last saw him in season 3, and we do not know who has been seemingly leaving him secret markings.

The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Morgan, and although he didn't answer any of the pressing concerns outlined above, he did suggest he could be catching up with the gang... sort of. He explained:

While I will not confirm that Morgan will eventually meet up with our characters. I will say that it would be a misstep on our part if he didn’t.

That's a bit of an odd statement, and I think the message to take from it (despite what Kirkman actually says) is that we can almost certainly expect Morgan and Rick to meet again. Unless of course, he doesn't, in which case Kirkman has basically just said The Walking Dead team have no idea what they're doing...

Of course, the next big question is this: What will Morgan do when he does catch up with the gang. Drop your Walking Dead Morgan theories below.



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