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We probably shouldn't think too deeply about Pokémon. If we do, we unfortunately come to the conclusion it's a bizarre world in which unsupervised children wander the dangerous wilds battling monsters and engaging in vicious animal bloodsport for cash.

But what if we did want to go into too much detail? Could there be one unifying theory which adequately explains the strange world of Pokémon?

One redditor, ovi, thinks they might cracked the Pokémon 'theory of everything', and it's all based on the concept of "infinite energy". The basis of the theory is dependant on what the player learns in the additional chapter of the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games - namely that "infinite energy" is a powerful lifeforce which powers Pokémon. Furthermore, this energy can be harnessed by humans to start wars, prevent disasters or create technologies such as teleportation - often at a cost to the Pokémon.

Ovi believes that this "infinite energy" is present in both humans and Pokémon, and indeed it is the lifeforce behind our physical manifestation. He explains:

I propose a model where Pokemon and humans are bound to this energy. When Human and Pokemon die they revert to this state. And any energy that escapes this life stream can turn into a human or a Pokemon.

Sure, this sounds kind of hokey, but there could actually be some evidence to back this up. Mostly this concerns the mysterious process of evolution, and the technology behind the Pokéball.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire states that infinite energy is present in nearly everything, and ovi suggests that both evolution and Pokéballs temporarily return Pokémon to their 'pure' state.

When captured or released by a Pokéball, Pokémon do appear in a blast of blue energy, which ovi suggests is the actual infinite energy reforming the Pokémon into their physical state.

It has been proven that humans are able to harness this energy and use it to create advance technology, hence the Devon Corporation. So it's very likely that humans created a device that temporarily Revert Pokemon into infinite energy and store them in a ball.

The same is also true for evolution. When a Pokémon changes from one type to another, it temporarily becomes a ball of blue energy (very similar to the Pokéball). Once again this is explained as the Pokémon returning to its pure state before reforming in its evolved form.

ovi goes even further, suggesting the Pokéball is also able to essentially rewrite the mentality of wild Pokémon to immediately tame and bind them to the trainer who caught them.

I mean they were wild Pokemon before we caught them and as soon as they are captured they are tamed? It really doesn't make sense, but what if once in the ball their mentality gets rewritten and gets matched to you, is this why we have trainer's IDs and why another poke ball would not capture my Pokemon because the ID doesn't match?

There could also be more to this theory. Since infinite energy is also used to resuscitate fainted Pokémon, perhaps it could also be used by humans for similar reasons? For example, would it be used to prolong life? There is at least one example of a Pokémon villain, AZ from Pokémon X & Y, who is apparently thousands of years old.

All-in-all this sounds pretty reasonable to me, but can you spot any glaringly obvious holes in this Pokémon theory of everything?

Source: Kotaku


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