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When it comes to Disney, there are few who can match up. With their internationally famous amusement parks, everyone wants a slice of the company's fairy-tale pie, and they'll go to drastic lengths to try and replicate the magic that has made them so successful.

Here are some of the most outrageous Disneyland knock-off parks from around the world - lawyer up Disney, this is some straight up plagiarism!

Shijingshan Amusement Park

Location: China

This Disney-like park opened in Beijing back in 1986, and was rather shameless with its on-the-nose copycatting!

Employees roamed the resort wearing suspiciously recognizable costumes that bore quite a striking resemblance to such favorite characters as Donald Duck and Mickey himself.

Disney actually issued a lawsuit against Shijingshan in 2007, but the owners got off claiming their inspiration in fact came from Grimm's Fairy Tales. How convenient.

Europa Park

Location: Germany

The second most popular park in Europe - as well as one of the largest - is home to a stomach-wrenching 12 roller coasters!

Featuring rides based on Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, the park is yet to be sued for copyright infringement... even though its mascot is a friendly cartoon mouse. Coincidence?


Location: Japan

Back in the 1950s a group of Japanese businessman tried to strike a deal with Walt Disney in order to build a Disneyland in Japan. The deal fell through, but investors moved ahead with the planned project and built a knock-off version anyway.

Shameless replicas included Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the Matterhorn and even a Main Street USA. Despite its initial popularity, Dreamland finally closed its doors in 2006.


Location: China

No doubt the spookiest of the bunch, Wonderland was set to be Asia's largest theme park, but due to disagreements with landowners it was abandoned before it was even built.

However, as you can see above, a rather recognizable relic of the project still stands, as a tragic post-apocalyptic ode to Disney's Magic Kingdom, and a warning to others that Disney cannot be copied!


Which park is the most shameless rip-off?

[Source: BathroomReader]


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