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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, like just about every other year, I'm woefully unprepared. If like me, you're prone to leaving your plans for a romantic gesture to the very last - potentially break-up-worthy - minute, then not to worry. At least you can now cross a card off your list!

The immensely talented artist PJ McQuade has created some wonderfully geeky Valentine's cards, featuring a range of pop culture icons to help you convey your love to your dearest ones. Because movie characters are just like you, but sexier, more impressive and better in just about every way.

Have a look at these designs and visit McQuade's store for even more nerdy gift ideas!

I've Got News For You

Brick Tamland may not be the most discerning of lovers, falling for just about every inanimate object that meets his eye, but that doesn't mean he isn't sincere about his passion for electrical lights. You shouldn't doubt Tamland's love for lamps, just like your partner shouldn't doubt your love for them!

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bed

Like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea - just make sure yours isn't a Great White killing machine!

He's Got Game

Game of Thrones' lovable oaf Hodor may not be a man of many words, making this the perfect card for those of you who are succinct Casanovas.

Timeless Love

Have you ever wished you could go back to that one special moment with someone, to correct all the foolish mistakes you made? well you might not be able to buy a time travelling DeLorean to fix everything with your one true soulmate, but you can buy this $5 card instead! That's kinda the same thing, right?

Lando's Looking For Love

Quite possibly the most stylish stud in the Star Wars universe (barring Han Solo, of course), Lando's beautiful face is sure to convince your partner that they're the one for you. That, or it might just result in them falling in love with the smooth talking smuggler himself.


Which card have you fallen in love with?


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