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Admittedly this occurred seven years ago but having re-discovered this absolutely gem of a video the other day, I just had to share it with you!

We all know that a stage dive is an essential part of any rock show and undoubtedly, it is a fool-proof way to ensure your audience go totally berserk at a concert! Over the decades, hundreds of stars have plunged off into an uncertain destiny, hoping that their crowd of adoring fans will catch them.

Performing with the band 3OH!3 back in 2008, Katy Perry is no exception.

Getting down to the beat, she's totally feeling the tunes and the screaming crowd so naturally, as her excitement gathers momentum, there is no other option but to CROWD-SURF!

Climbing up on the railings, the enthusiastic songstress takes a leap of faith that results in one of the most unfortunate and HILARIOUS stage dives I have ever seen!

Check it out:

Katy, no no no! That is NOT how it's done! How did you manage to get it all so wrong?

How can something so straight forward leave her just bobbing ass-up in a sea of people?

She really takes stage diving to a whole new level. Katy, how did you manage to turn a horizontal crowd-surf into a yoga class?

I know it's harsh to laugh at other people's misfortunes and obviously I hope that she wasn't hurt pulling this stunt, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

At least her momentous dive left a very lasting impression on her audience that day...


What did you think of Katy's stage dive?



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