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Hideo Kojima's latest instalment in his revolutionary video game franchise, Metal Gear Solid, is fast approaching and I couldn't be more excited to jump in and take the reigns of the legendary Big Boss!

But while we continue to wait in anticipation, the wonderful Angela Bermudez has some truly awesome cosplay photos for you featuring a character new to the series: the rather aptly named dumb sniper, Quiet.

The scantily clad supernatural soldier seemingly possesses the ability to turn invisible thanks to her red dust-like particle form. So, you may ask, how on earth do you replicate that attribute as a cosplayer? The answer: some very talented body painting.

Check it out!

Bermudez says:

I didn't like the character at all the first time I saw her, it just felt out of place and everyone knows what I’m talking about. But in the trailer, when I saw her vanishing while escaping from a Diamond Dogs helicopter and disappear in front of everyone, that just made me love her!

Woodland warrior

After a couple of days thinking about how to make something similar, the idea of a bodypaint came to my mind last year, sorry for the delay but now here we have the results.

Just a flesh wound

The intricate paint design really adds something special to the whole outfit!

Stun-ning Grenade

Photography: rocha86

Body Paint: Sagot


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