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When Dana Saint popped the big question to his then fiancé early last year, little did he know his friends were about to plot the greatest bachelor send off of all time.

Since he was a small boy, Dana and his friends made home movies, most of them recreating the latest blockbuster action flick. Jumping off garage roofs, simulating death scenes - they did it all.

The one movie Dana always wanted recreate more than any other was Rambo (he even had an actual Rambo knife!). Which is why when it came to designing his bachelor party ahead of the wedding in August last year, his friends knew there was only one thing to do: recreate Rambo in all its glory, with Dana as the star!

Twenty bros, vast quantities of alcohol, explosives, motorbikes, car chases, paintball guns - how could a bachelor party get any better than this?

It starts with Dana being picked up by Sheriff Will Teasle, played hilariously by friend Ryan Wuestewald, before being taken back to the station.

Here he is washed down (just like in the movie!) and given a true Rambo make over, before breaking out and making a getaway on a motorcycle.

Watch what happens next in full video below (It's long for an internet video, but worth every single minute!)

I've heard of some pretty funny bachelor party stories in my time, but nothing quite like this.

The amount of hard work and effort that went into this truly special gift for their friend is awe inspiring. The logistics, details, supplies, staging, locations, weapons - it must have taken them months to plan!

I think I've found my new favorite video on the internet.

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