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Mark Newton

They're slick, they're sexy, they're dangerous, and they couldn't be further from the actual reality. Of course, I'm talking about spies.

Cinematic history has been filled with all types of spies, agents and assassins: there's the old school quip-spouting womanizing sort, the Cold War carcinogenic chain-smoking sort, the modern super-soldier emotionless ass-kicking sort, and of course the sexy Russian female sort.

All of these guys get a mention in a new Cineplex Movies supercut showing cinema's rich tapestry of international intelligence agents. Check it out below:

Has that got you in the mood for some more espionage? Well, Matthew Vaughn's Kingman: The Secret Service is due arrive in theaters on 13 February, while Bond will return in Spectre on November 6, 2015.

Source: GeekTyrant


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