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For many, Richard Linklater's widely acclaimed movie, Boyhood, is the greatest and most ambitious coming-of-age story of all time.

Filmed with the same cast over the course of 12 years, the film depicts all of the joys and pitfalls that come with growing up. Through the eyes of Mason (Ellar Coltrane) we experience all of the important milestones; family meals, road trips, birthday parties, graduation.

But just like in real life, it's not all cupcakes and butterflies: later we see the messy break-up of his parents (Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke), his violent relationship with an alcoholic step father, and his first experience of romantic heartbreak.

Whilst the fact that Boyhood is an unbelievable cinematic achievement is indisputable, it's arguable that this 12-year filming quirk has led to the movie being over-egged somewhat. The film is nominated for 8 Academy Awards... 8!

For those who were slightly less impressed, this "honest" trailer by the awesome guys at Screen Junkies is for you!

Watch Boyhood be given the 'Honest Trailer' treatment in the video below.

I think it's a pretty fair assessment.

What do you think? Is the hype surrounding Boyhood deserved? Let me know in the comments below.


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