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When it comes to the discussion of the many franchises that Disney owns and the possibility of their presence in Kingdom Hearts 3, the response between fans can be pretty divided. Of course, we've had real-life characters in the KH world before with the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, but that is of course a Disney creation since its beginning.

What some fans seem to dislike about the notion of Marvel and Star Wars appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3 on its release date, is the fact that it really isn't a celebration of Disney, more just something that their masses of wealth have been able to grant them control over. Naturally, I agree with some of these observations. But the idea of having these worlds appear in easter egg form is incredibly exciting.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Goofy Easter Egg and More

Easter eggs will allow Square Enix to jokingly wink at the existence of the likes of the Star Wars and Marvel universes, while also ensuring that their presence doesn't impact too much upon the world and its characters. We want to ensure that the consistency of the KH universe remains intact when it gets its release date on the Xbox One and PS4.

In order to do this, I think one KH fan has mentioned a really effective way that one such crossover could continue, and I really do love it. What if Goofy was able to use Captain America's shield?! I mean, how remarkably cool would that be for the story to see him holding that shield in battle?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Fan Art
Kingdom Hearts 3 Fan Art

There are plenty of ways that Square Enix could incorporate such elements into the concluding chapter to this story arc. Of course, having a character wield a lightsaber is one of the more obvious ways that we could see the worlds intertwine. But what other ways could you imagine Square Enix incorporating these different worlds? I'm still dying to see Miss Piggy come into battle and beat the hell out of everyone. Not going to happen though is it?

So Kingdom Hearts fans, what would you think of seeing such easter eggs on the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Xbox One and PS4? Are you one of those that holds reservations for having Star Wars and Marvel enter KH, or are you dying to see Luke Skywalker and Han Solo on a Star Wars themed world? Be sure to let us know in the comments and happy gaming to you all!


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