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In the past years, Marvel has become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Everyone from kids to adults, nerds to jocks, and anyone else in between line up to see the comic book world come to life. Not only that, but with the creation of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, we get glimpses of what happens during and after the movies end. As much as I love all the interconnecting story lines of characters and overlapping events, I always find myself wanting more details of the secondary characters in the movies. This list is just a few fan favorites and/or supporting characters that seemed to bring up a lot of questions for me after watching some of the movies.

WARNING: The following sections contain some spoilers if you haven’t seen all the MCU movies up to this point.

Black Widow & Hawkeye

We see a huge link between these two characters in The Avengers. The frequent references to Budapest, the signs of concern on their faces when they see the other in danger, driving off together at the end, the list goes on. It would be fairly easy to get a plot around the two characters as either a prequel or another film franchise that highlights both their past and a new threat. The film could also delve into the interaction between them and Nick Fury and maybe more Marvel characters like Mockingbird. I, like many others, would love to see more of their history together. Case in point, here’s an awesome fan made movie poster for what we could be in store for.

(Courtesy or amyisalittledecoy)
(Courtesy or amyisalittledecoy)

In an interview with Joss Whedon (courtesy of CinemaBlend and Nerd HQ), he hints that we will see more character development with Black Widow and actually get into the character of Hawkeye. It still has to be seen come May to what extent Whedon is talking about, but hopefully a good crowd response to these characters could lead to another movie for these two.

War Machine/Iron Patriot

I threw Col. James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine/Iron Patriot, in here with two thoughts in mind. One, in his opening scene in Iron Man 3, Stark and Rhodes are catching up at a restaurant. During their conversation, Rhodes brings up the attack in New York and Stark immediately tries to avoid. The question I want to know is... WHERE THE HELL WAS WAR MACHINE FOR THAT?! The military was deployed to help the Avengers against the Chitauri invasion and yet there was no War Machine for that extra firepower. In the trailers Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Col. Rhodes with the rest of the Avengers trying to lift Thor’s hammer, but we don’t see any action sequences with War Machine present. I mean, it would be pretty bad ass to see another Iron Man/War Machine team-up take down a squadron of Ultron Bots much like their co-op battle in Iron Man 2 with the Hammer Drones, but just as lame to have him missing from action in this fight, too.

The second point brings up another scenario that could involve Hawkeye again and that is:

HYDRA’s Effect on The World

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, we see HYDRA emerge from the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the government. With Hawkeye being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and War Machine being a peacekeeping tool of the military, I want to know how they are affected by the rise of HYDRA. In the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., undercover HYDRA spies kill unsuspecting S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in cold blood once Black Widow exposes all of SH.I.E.L.D.'s secrets in the movie. Who’s to say Hawkeye and War Machine were not hunted down? If Agent Coulson and Agent Hand were prime targets for the S.H.I.E.L.D. purge, I have no doubt that Hawkeye and War Machine are on that list too. I could definitely see a Marvel One Shot of how they reacted to the initial news and how they survived an attack by HYDRA.

Rocket & Groot

Between the 5 main characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, we know the least amount of Rocket and Groot’s past, and yet they arguably hold the most questions. The movie (and this trailer) give a quick run through of each of the Guardians' personal history. Gamora is the daughter of a slain king and is turned into a weapon/assassin at the hands of Thanos; Drax’s family was slaughtered by Ronan and goes on a revenge driven rampage; Star Lord is a Terran (Earthling) abducted by Ravagers at a young age. All we really know of Rocket and Groot is the Rocket is the result of an unknown scientist’s experiment and Groot is his personal muscle. Despite this, Rocket Raccoon and Groot became instant fan favorites in Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be pretty cool if James Gunn and Marvel would go more in depth with Rocket and Groot; showing us how they met, their criminal history, and maybe even some early run ins with other characters (the Ravagers, Drax before he’s in the Kiln, maybe introduce Nova?).


Yes, I know that X-men is not part of the MCU universe but she is still a Marvel character. Moreover, with the announcements of Gambit and Deadpool movies (with Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds rumored/confirmed to star, respectively) I felt the need to mention another mutant that could have a successful movie. In X-men Days of Future Past, Mystique is the second biggest , if not the biggest, role in the movie next to Wolverine. Throughout the movie, they hint at tension between Mystique and Magneto that developed in between this movie and its predecessor, X-men First Class. Furthermore, before she comes in contact with Magneto, Hank, and the team in Paris, she infiltrates the office of Trask and sees the files of the mutants killed and experimented on from First Class (Angel, Azazel, Emma Frost, Banshee, and Riptide). This just brings up more questions as to what happened to the others. What happened that caused the deterioration of the factions formed at the end of First Class? They can get into these possibilities and also reintroduce Nightcrawler into the mix seeing that he is the son of Mystique and Azazel. And let’s be honest, we’d all be happy to see more Jennifer Lawrence.


These are just a few of the characters that play a supporting role to the titular characters. Other great side stories could even be what Sif and the Warriors Three are doing while Thor is with the Avengers or fighting Malekith, the back-stories of Nick Fury and Maria Hill, or maybe Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. Winter Soldier). Not to mention other characters that are not part of the MCU such as Silver Surfer or Venom. Even if there isn’t the biggest demand for such things to be produced, there are other avenues that could be explored on a smaller scale than a full-length motion picture (Netflix, Marvel One Shots, etc).

With all that being said, what do you all think? Would you want to see any of these movies/shorts/series come to life? Or are there other options out there that you would want to see? Leave a comment!

P.S. This is my first article so I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be writing more and hopefully better articles in the future. Constructive criticism is welcomed.


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