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Ghost stories originate from all over the world where paranormal activity and unexplainable occurrences disrupt our daily lives. Whilst I'm sure many of you have read your fair share of creepy accounts of ghosts and ghouls, here are five more that you definitely would not have come across.

The following stories originate from Indonesia, which has very rich ghost tradition. Some of the most terrifying supernatural beings come from this part of the world.

Take a look and be warned, after this you WILL be sleeping with the light on tonight!

1. Pocong

A 'pocong' is the ghost of a dead person trapped in its shroud. Traditionally, when a person dies, the body is wrapped in a long piece of cloth following Muslim burial rites. The white fabric covers the deceased head to toe.

According to local beliefs, the soul of the dead stays on earth for 40 days after death. When the ties aren't released in this period, it becomes trapped in its burial shroud, with the body emerging from the grave to seek release. After the ties are released, the soul leaves the earth never to be seen again.

Interestingly, as the body's feet are tied, the ghost actually hops because it cannot walk.

2. Thuyul/Tuyul

This is the ghost of an unborn baby or a child who has died. Many believe that the Thuyuls are thieves, stealing money from local houses whilst resembling pale babies in diapers.

According to sources, you can prevent a haunting by leaving a can of beans out on the porch. With this, they will get distracted and count the beans instead of the money.

3. Genderuwo

A Genderuwo is a terrible sex-mad ghost who usually takes the form of a man. Local culture stipulates that they come from a male who died before his time, mostly by unnatural causes. Unable to accept their death, the spirit morphs into a gigantic titan.

Resembling a demon with a large black body, long hair, pointy claws and a red death-stare, it is reported that this spirit can be distinguished by the nauseating smell of rotting flesh. If you recognize the pungent odor in the middle of the night, it usually means a Genderuwo is near-by.

Obsessed with sex and teasing helpless female victims, to a great extent they are an Indonesian version of an incubus. Legends say that the Genderuwo can also change its appearance to entice people, attracting women to have sex with it thinking it is their partner.

There are also reports of women getting possessed by the spirit, resulting in a higher sex-drive.

4. Kuntilanak

The Kunilanak spirit takes the form of a pregnant woman who died before childbirth. Wearing long white robes and dark hair, they are a terrible omen of evil and death. The ghosts are said to conceal themselves in trees and buildings, preying on passers-by and even transforming into beautiful women to lure men in to their tragic deaths.

5. Wewe Gombel

This ghost's name gives a clear indication of what form it takes, a "disheveled Grandma."

The spirit has a rather sad backstory: A married couple had been living together for years when the husband realized his wife was barren. Rejecting his affections for her, she lived in sorrow as her husband abandoned her and left her alone for long periods of time. One day, she followed him and found him with another woman. Furious and heart-broken, she murdered him before committing suicide.

Following her death, a cursed spirit possessed her and to this day, she is said to wander the streets, kidnapping young children. In particular, she is said to attract neglected and abused children, taking care of them and protecting them as a loving grandmother would whilst their parents repent.

Clearly in this part of the world, there is no shortage of stories from people who claim to have encountered ghoulish creatures. Do you believe these chilling tales?

If the stories above have not suitably freaked you out, just take a look at this video of Indonesian ghosts below:


Which tale was the spookiest?



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