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WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead!

After the spate of recent deaths in the last nine episodes of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), it must be at a point for the group when the remaining survivors are clinging to each other for support more than ever before. While the show doesn't have a huge history for romances (Glenn and Maggie are the exception, and new comers Rosita and Abraham), perhaps in the aftermath of the horrible events seen in Season 5, a new romance could be the silver lining?

Although shippers have long dreamed of the day that Carol and Daryl finally become Caryl, it seems like the writers are holding firm they should remain purely close friends than anything romantic. However Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd has recently spoken out, hinting that that group leader Rick might hook up with katana wielding Michonne!

Speaking to Vulture, Hurd was asked to comment on the possibility that fans will get to see a relationship between Richonne in Season 5, Hurd replied:

You’re gonna see something very interesting develop between them. Very interesting, and incredibly unexpected. You’ll see a certain kind of love.

Ooh, talk about mysterious! Though I don't know if we can take this as an all out confirmation of a relationship, I think viewers of the show have to agree that Rick and Michonne have a very interesting relationship on the show already. Michonne is often Rick's right-hand woman, and has a very good relationship with his son Carl, as well baby daughter Judith. On top of all of that, Rick seems to value Michonne's opinion, and now that Tyreese is dead, it seems likely that she could become that voice of reason and humanity in the show, something Rick sometimes needs to balance him out.

However, I'm not ready to totally accept that they will be swapping saliva anytime soon. After all, while Rick and Michonne have this same strong relationship in the comic series, they are not romantically involved (Rick is actually with Andrea, who was not killed off like her TV counterpart). I would be inclined to think that the TV show might show a similar relationship to that in the comic series, and perhaps they even co-parent Carl and Judith in a way a married couple might, but without the whole, sharing a bed part.

This is of course, all purely speculation, and as always I would love to hear your opinion in the comments. I guess none of us will really know until we see it air on TV, but I know I can't wait to see whatever love blooms between them, whether romantic or plutonic.

Do you think Rick and Michonne will be romantically involved or not? Tell why me below!

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