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I have a special kind of love when it comes to the elements of the world.

As I was searching the web for some inspiration to paint for my bathroom I came across these pretty awesome Disney transformations ... turning them into an element is genius!

Cinderella - Moon

Although Moon technically isn't an element .. unless you are thinking about Sailor Moon ... the artist chose to use it in Cinderella's case. I love how the shape of Cinderella is a moon and includes rock detail. the color choice is golden and spot on as well!

Snow White - Snow/Ice

So a lot of people now assume that since Frozen has been released, the only person/lady to fill the shoes of a snow queen is Elsa; I mean, yeah she is great but I am loving this version of snow White!

At first the artist was going to go with Earth/Gems for this beaut, to symbolize the Dwarves mine full of colorful gems. The idea of having Snow floating while seated is because of the fact that she is elemental, so she isn't bound by gravity or any earthly logic. "For snow/ice it settles and droops, it gets heavy when thick and ultimately is stationary, hence the sitting and drooping Snow White..."

Jasmine - Earth/Wind

CeruleanRaven shows that Jasmine is not only a calm woman, she is powerful and strong, like a storm and the wind. The golden color choice is great as well, reminds me of the Lamp!

Ariel - Water

Of course Ariel would be the element of water! No more words to describe it!

Megara - Darkness

Darkness being the element for Megara is spot on in my opinion. The color choice and everything. I love the detail and the skulls on bottom!

Pocahontas - Wood/Earth

I'm not sure why the artist decided to choice Wood as the element for Pocahontas. I am going to assume that where she is such a strong and outdoorsy person that would be why! She's creepy-cool!

Mulan - Fire

I love how Mulan looks similar to a dragon, and the flames swirling around are perfect! Mulan is a remarkable woman! I love fire as her element!

Rapunzel - Sun & Light

This is the second version of Rapunzel. There are no questions to why Sun/Light is the element choice for her. Not only is she out witty and fun, her glowing hair and happy nature shines through everyone!

Tiana - Sound/Earth

She is the element of Sound... and plant? Leaves are iconic to her look, according to the artist. She choice sound as the element due to the music choices in The Princess and the Frog. I love the shape!

Belle - Metal

The artists originally thought was of her as jumbled mess of metal and cogs, similar to her Father's inventions, but didn't work out so well. I love how the dress transforms into a chandelier look.

Kida - Gemstone/Earth

Finally, we move to Kida - the element of Gemstone/Earth. Kida doesn't seem to be as recognizable as the other, although she has pride and strength that was hidden away underneath the ground. Lovely color choice as well!

Vanellope - Thunder/Electric

Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph. Such an adorable "glitch" with a bubbly personality. Again this artist decided to add a twist to her crazy, glitchy side and also added thunder "wheels"! That's pretty neat!

Merida - Heart

After watching Brave, CeruleanRaven thought about this character/element for a long time. At first the intention was a transmogrification element, half beast, but changed to Heart due to her love for her mother and her overall strength.

"Nothing is more fierce, strong and capable of love than the heart"


My favorite is Vanellope -- I LOVE the Thunder and lightning wheels that come with Vanellope!



Who do you like best!?


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