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So, I'm here to tell you my theory and thoughts on The Flash Episode 13. I just saw it and when all the crazy things happened (like when Cisco told Joe it wasn't Dr.Wells who killed Barry's mom - it was Barry's blood). This means Barry Killed his own mom!

BUT my theory is different. I saw some posts made by some people who said that Dr.Wells is Reverse Flash or that Dr.Wells is Barry from the future. I have a different theory...

What if the Reverse Flash was there and killed Barry's Mom, but Barry was there too (meaning an adult Barry)... Ok, listen now!

So, Barry is training to go very fast and in the near future he will go with the SPEED to go through time to save his mom... He then goes back to the past in order to stop Reverse Flash.

We even have this image where we see A Red Streak! How did they call The Flash for the first time? Red Streak!

I bet this is Barry trying to stop Reverse Flash from killing his mom! And not just that, but when The Flash and Reverse Flash fought each other in episode 9, Cisco said to Caitlin:

"There were two Streaks , A yellow on and red one like the night Barrys mom was killed"

So, what can you see on this picture now?

Of course, The Flash vs Reverse Flash! Look at their streaks: Barry has a red one and Reverse Flash has the yellow one...

And also we have already seen Dr.Wells is the Reverse Flash. He has the costume and the computer that can see the future, and we saw him outrun the glass fall from sonic sound and he had a red streak. But, we can see the newspaper on the future-seeing computer. I think Barry will beat Reverse Flash, his mom won't be killed, he will lose his powers and Wells will get the biggest power of all time!

So, this is just a theory. Tell me what you think in the comments and if you have another theory, please share it with us!


What do you think... did Barry go to the past to save his mother?


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