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I decided to share this here as well. I really want to push this rap battle to the next level. So much so I even tried to send this to Robert Downy jr. twitter. What do you guys think. It could still use edits but I'm stuck on what to add at the moment.

Zeak Dartail from Syndicate X versus Ironman/ Tony Stark


Yo Zeak I’m sorry to say that you ripped me off,

You copied me so blatantly like some tiny toon spin off.

You're powers are puny at best,

So go cower while I deal with real superhero stress.

You’re more broke than Peter Parker,

wearing creepy ass hand-me-downs like a perpetual stalker.

Worst of all no one knows you exist,

While everyone knows that I’m a famous philanthropist.

Zeak Dartail:

Well you're one pretentious mother fucker,

Going around reckless drinking up till you become senseless.

Getting in fights with own armored brother,

I just might become less patriotic for starters.

Way to desecrate your sequels with bullshit replacements,

you've gained hate that not even more money can save.

We all can't that you took such a dive,

I’ll show you a real superhero’s drive.

Don’t despair you can still smoke that pepper pot,

My broke ass will repair all the damage, while looking hot.


Don’t you know who am? I am Ironman!

I’m the real hero OG on screen taking real shots,

While your books in the grave, because it ain't even hot.

I’ll blast you down so hard right out of existence,

Then I’ll piss on your grave and send a remnant salute.

Oh did I bruise you, while I left you in the dirt?

Now then, Excuse me as I take on the mandarin a real evil villain.

Zeak Dartail:

Oh I’m sorry go on and call the Agents of the shield,

So that they can take the field to deal with a dude with ring powers.

I’ll be with my team dealing with real issues.

Awe do you need a tissue to swipe those iron tears?

Then go ahead and cry on the hulks shoulders,

Dropping those tears on that bulky angry rich scientist

Because we all know you’re really bruise banners bitch!


Hulk-smash this little unknown hero,

This talking mouth is still a flawed zero.

I’m a custom made rocket pack with a classic metal ass intro,

While you deal with you sick bland syndrome.

I’m the man with the real rhythm for this rap-battle,

So why don’t you fly off…oh wait you can’t so go ahead and die off.

Zeak Dartail:

That’s right you really as old as fuck.

Why don’t you step aside and let a real hero work,

Just relax as you watch pepper twerk

I go on ahead and deal with the real work

I’m surprised you even made it to movie number 4

you really made fans go up on an uproar of rage

You needed a Nick fury pep talk to step up,

We all know you should be dead from such a fall from space

I guess it’s a crazy as Bruises hazy transformation explanation.


I’m not so sure you know I've got billions of dollars,

I can stroll you around like a lapdog with a collar.

At any rate your book’s entire plot is what’s really confusing

And in the end all the mistakes aren't really amusing.

Here let me tell you what let me write you check,

That way you can live out of blight.

Zeak Dartail:

You can talk those millions of dollars and shove it all up your ass,

One day you’ll see me on the screen like a dove so glorious to behold!

So bring all the Avengers and your age of Ultron,

I'll grind them all up, and you can smoke till you slumber,

Because Syndicate X has your number!

Who decide! Epic Rap Battles of History!


Who won?


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