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(Started 8/2/15) I just wanted to share my ideas and this is the best way to share my imagination :)
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Long ago questions were asked, people wondered and many had theories on why Stan Lee has always been The Watcher. It was in fact denied and that his appearance in nearly every Marvel film going was just a cameo for himself but should we just forget about it? I'm not saying Stan Lee should become a character that has a huge impact on the MCU like Tony Stark with Ultron etc. I'm just saying how awesome it would be if we were watching a future Marvel film for instance Doctor Strange would be an appropriate one for Marvel and Stan Lee to decide that they perhaps want the Watcher in there but not taking any impact on what's going on and why not use the man himself who has shown us in mostly every Marvel film when a pivotal moment occurred. Spider-Man 2 is a good example as we all know that The Watcher will watch over Earth and Stan Lee's cameo was when debris was falling onto the street and Stan Lee got a woman and saved her from a piece of concrete and it seemed he was just there for their safety.

We also get to see that the Fantastic Four had a post-man, played by Stan Lee and this may not be the best representation of an affiliation but he was still working for them just like The Watcher will help The Fantastic Four out. Uatu (Watcher) is affiliated with many of the heroes and during many of the cameos Stan gets to interact with the heroes like Iron-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, The Fantastic Four and the list goes on. Like I've said many people have already come up with these theories but should we discard them and move on or should Stan Lee actually play a superhero that he created. The only thing is how they would show to us that Stan Lee had in fact been the Watcher all along? They couldn't enlarge his head with prosthetic and give him an over the top costume because well Stan Lee wouldn't look the part if I'm honest... Perhaps they could get a younger actor in and The Watcher had just taken that form of an ordinary old man. They would then have to explain to one of the heroes that he has been watching over them for all this time, through all of their wins and failures on different worlds and different time zones. Perhaps we should just let these theories as a thing of the past but in my opinion it would be a nice idea for when Marvel decide to include The Watcher and this would actually be the best way to achieve it.

Thanks for reading guys and as always hope you enjoyed! Sorry for a small post, that isn't too exciting but very busy today with GCSEs (English exams) and I should be doing some better posts next week :)


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