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Imagine a Venn diagram, you know like the ones you learned in elementary school? On one side you have passionate fans and on the other you have talented artists. In the middle is the cross-sectional part where the two overlap. Here at Moviepilot, we enjoy putting the work from the people in that middle part on display.

It's super cool to see original art done by true fans. Sakimichan has posted a lot of work on deviantART and you should definitely check it out in its entirety. However, I've gone ahead and made it easy on you by handpicking some of the talented artist's best work below.

1. Glowing Jack Frost

Even though this is a still image of Jack Frost, it's almost like an action shot. The strings on his hoodie are swinging from the left side of the piece to the right. Ice cold.

2. Swagged out Johnny Bravo

Everybody's favorite failed lady's man gets a very stylish rendition from Sakimichan here. I don't know what it is about the headphones, but I think it's a cool touch.

Speaking of which...

3. Ariel with some noise-cancelling headphones on

I need to find out where she got underwater headphones that are that big/nice. Ariel probably has some connects on land who hooked her up.

4. Scooby and Shaggy looking truly scared

Somebody get these guys some Scooby snacks pronto. I love this. The shading and use of color is great.

5. Princess Mononoke looking fierce

The lighting on the face and detailed and energetic brush strokes that you can see in the hair and clothing are awesome. That red really pops out as well. Great work.

6. Pokemon Nurse Joy

She will cure your Pokemon and she will steal your heart.

7. Beautiful Pocahontas

It's not hard to see why John Smith fell so hard for her. This is breathtaking.

8. Elsa and Jack Frost have a chilly relationship now?

This is definitely a little racy. I like it, though. Two of my favorite sub-zero animated characters - seems like a pretty obvious connection.

9. Jessica Rabbit is on fire!

Another more seductive piece here. Also, if you notice, the artist does a magnificent job of not just doing a head-on depiction, but typically keeping in mind angles and perspective.

10. Incredibly sexy Wonder Woman

I don't know what you think, but this kind of looks like Megan Fox to me. The artist is amazing with depicting eyes and make-up.

11. Lola from 'Space Jam' is balling out

The MonStars are in serious trouble.


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