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I really like movies

For anybody who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Pulp Fiction this is the right article for you. In Captain America do you remember the graveyard scene near the end. When Nick Fury and Cap and Falcon and Black Widow all meet up. Earlier on in the movie Nick Fury faked his death. In order to prove this he obviously had to have a grave stone.

In this scene you get a quick glimpse of the grave stone in the image above. But did you ever see what it said. Well One day I was watching and wanted to see what it said. To my Surprise what is in the image above is what I saw, "The Path of the righteous Man..." - Ezekiel 25:17. Anybody who has seen pulp fiction knows that this is the beginning of the famous Sam Jackson rant that he goes on. I really thought this was one of the coolest of many easter eggs in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


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