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Michelle Webb

I 110% believe in ghosts because I have had many different experiences..mostly horrible too...but let me at least share one story :)

My friend of mine was staying over and we were bored, it was getting close to bed time and we decided to whip out the Ouija Board just to give it a little try, sort of thinking it was a huge joke and we'd get a good laugh at it...well it fooled us...

As soon as we opened it and put our hands on the triangle thing, me and my friend got a really bad feeling and we saw this breath on the was seconds after we looked at each other and flew the board across the room. We scurried in the corner of my bed and were very frightened. All of a sudden we saw this black like crow with a flash going back and forth in the room and then we saw this black fan like thing spinning around. And then all of a sudden I almost as if blacked out and was starring at the walls...I was seeing blood come dripping down from the friend literally had to bitch slap me in the face...after all of this we were so scared and just laid in my bed until we got the courage to get up and do something about the whole situation. By the time we only thought this was 10 minutes of all of this, we looked at the clock and it was 3:45 in the morning. At that time we were freaking out, so me and my friend ran and grabbed the board and booked out my front door and threw it on the road down from our house. When we got back in my mom was awake, saying what the hellll are you doing, are you guys on crack? We obviously were not, I kind of wish I was at that point and time.

I went downstairs to grab both of my big dogs teddy and thorr and as soon as they approached my room they started growling and barking. Well, me and my friend def did not go to sleep that night, not until it was bright out.

The next 6 months I had to keep at least one dog in my room, there were too many more experiences after that...don't mess with a Ouija board...they seriously get pissed off.


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