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We all know superheroes who can fly thousands of miles within seconds, run as fast as lighting, and there are also some who believe in their own skills to protect their loved ones. But imagine having the ability to create shock waves of considerable strength that could shatter any material.

With reference to recent events from [The Flash](series:1068303) TV show. Hartley Rathaway, a former S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who tried to warn Harrison about the particle accelerator, comes back looking for revenge. While he launches a wave of sonic-based attacks with his own invented device.Causing massive destruction in Central city. However Hartley Rathaway ends up in the pipeline because of The Flash. Consequently Hartley plans escape by making a evil move over convincing Cisco to let him out so that he could help find what happened to Ronnie (Firestorm).

And guess what Hartley Rathaway is not the only one who understands vibrations;

Meet - Cisco Ramon

"Cisco" Ramon was the youngest of three brothers, during a game between the brothers, Cisco stepped into a boom tube created by Darkseid. The process left Cisco's body alter allowing him to create not only seismic vibrations but also to be able to sense beings from other dimensions, even as small as an insect.Cisco uses his vibrational powers to help A.R.G.U.S.

Powers and abilities:

Vibe had the ability to create vibrations, often displayed as powerful enough to cause significant structural damage as well as to injure or incapacitate people.In the New 52, Cisco's body is altered, allowing him to not only create seismic vibrations but also to be able to sense beings from other dimensions, and his constant vibration keeps him from being captured by cameras.


Are you eager to see Cisco's transformation as vibe?


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