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On February 9th, I attended the red carpet premiere of Kingsman The Secret Service. Among the celebrities and stars I spoke to, Erin Richards of TVs [Gotham](series:1127075) gave me the most "spoiler-esqe" info, and its all about Gotham!

When asked about where her character has been on Gotham, she had this to say...

On the show, Barbara Kean has been involved in a progressively more and more rocky relationship with the shows lead, Jim Gordon. They start off as a happy couple, but as Jim's job puts more pressure on him, he gets more distant with Barbara.

Now, we know that he has his reasons. The people Jim Gordon faces in Gotham are dangerous criminals, and would pursue Barbara if they knew she was close to Jim. Barbara doesn't know these things.

Her frustration with Jim leads her to leave Gotham, but not before stopping by the apartment of a previous lover and Gotham Detective, Renee Montoya.

ooh lala!
ooh lala!

At this point, Jim is in a relationship with Gotham PDs newest Medical Examiner, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Barbara has left Gotham and gone home to stay with her parents, who really give off a "stick up their @$$" vibe. Barbara is unlikely to stay there long, and now we know her return will be in Episode 20!

So she comes back with a bang? What kind of "BANG" are we talking here? Will Barbara come back and catch Jim with another woman? Will she try to attack or shoot someone? Does she have a motive of her own when returning to Gotham?

We'll find out when Episode 20 premieres, next month, on March 16th!


Do you think Barbara Kean is going to come back with a BANG!?


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