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Need a stoner's oppinion on anything comic book related? Of course you don't but give these a read anyways!
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Now, when news broke Monday about the Sony and Marvel deal I almost had to pinch myself to.. well you get what i'm trying to say, I was ecstatic! Personally, I am a HUGE DC comic fan but when it comes to my favorite hero, its hard to find anybody better than our favorite web slinger. If you ask me (lets face it.. I have no idea why you would) Id say that Peter Parker is one of the only heroes we see who is welcomed and embraced by their city (even Gotham had its doubters.) By the time I conquered my second bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I started picturing Civil War, and all the hilarity it would be to see a teenage Peter Parker asking Captain American advice on the ladies, and Captain just giving some horrible outdated response.

Then, as the day went on and my stomach became more and more filled with caffeine which always leads to me having longer conversations with co-workers, and hell even some strangers. What i'm getting at is.. when I started talking to everybody about the spider-man news, the more in depth conversations I would get into, led me to think maybe, this isn't the deal marvel needs. No! I'm not crazy.. just hear me out, Marvel getting rights to Spider-Man albeit restricted rights, is a VERY exciting thing! But I can go on and on about the negatives (Replacing Garfield, High School again, and this will be the 6th web crawler movie..ETC..) But if Marvel wants to make a BIG impact and compete with what DC is planning (My personal biased opinion) they need to get 20th Century Fox on the phone.

Lets, talk about that heated rivalry.. No not DC vs Marvel! I'm talking about the uneasy tension between Disney and 20th Century Fox. Now I assume if you are reading this you know about all the lovely details, around Marvel and Fox but if you don't let me break it down for you. Way back..back in the ancient times of the 80's, Marvel was going bankrupt, which ALL comic book sales plummeted in the 80's.. aside from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns *cough THE HOLY GRAIL cough cough*. SO, let me be clear here marvel wasn't just losing money, they lost damn near all of it! With no other option Marvel met Fox (and Sony) over some tea and cookies or something along those lines and Marvel sold their movie rights to some characters (I'm paraphrasing here) and as, of lately it seem that Marvel and Sony have worked their relationship back to a stable healthy one, Even as of last year Sony did some VFX work on GOTG, and even had some product placement (I mean the main characters prized possession is a Walkman.)

Team, its the core of everything in Marvel's new empire. Nobody wants to see a standalone Iron-Man movie anymore (at least the majority, I still want planet Hulk.) So lets talk about the one superhero team/group that marvel needs to get back. The Fantastic Four! That's right, NOT X-Men.. The Fantastic Four! Now before all of you guys stop reading (Who the [email protected]#$ is still reading this?) Seriously, just hear me out for a second.. Now, for all the people out there who think the Fantastic Four is a useless comic now a days, and it has nothing to bring to the already DYNAMIC Marvel universe (HOW DARE YOU!!!) I'm here to prove you wrong. The Fantastic Four universe has a massive arsenal that could expand and make the current MCU even more expansive (No Reed Richards pun intended.) If you are wondering what I could possibly be talking about, HEY! some elastic man and an orange hulk does not make any universe better! (Well I kinda agree.) Were not talking about the heroes in this story though, That's right [email protected]#$%es were talking about the BIG BAD GUYS!!

Look, up in the sky, Its a bird, its a plane! OH [email protected]#! Its GALACTUS!! Okay maybe not as catchy, but it does paint a scary picture. Now I have nothing against the current villains in the MCU (Personally, Ronin might be my favorite in all the MCU.) I just can't help to imagine what that universe would look like Marvel had the rights to certain characters. For instance, Phase 3 of Marvels cinematic universe is set to team The Avengers with a [email protected]% load of new members against the all might Thanos. What, if that was Galactus instead of Thanos? (Eh, Not likely.) Although there would be a good chance that the Avengers would team up with The Fantastic Four and lets say, Norrin Radd? Seeing the Silver Surfer go toe to toe with Thanos? Sign me UP!

KNEEL BEFORE DOOM! That's right people time to talk about one of the most powerful villains in the Comic Book world! First, let me say If Doctor Doom is not the most powerful villain in the comics then, he is at least the most intelligent! If you think Victor Doom is only a GENIUS when it comes to technology, then you don't know my man DR. Doom at all! Doom was also a master genius of MYSTICAL ARTS (Even took the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme after Doctor Strange.) Doctor Doom is a very imposing figure, whether he is wearing his always intimidating metal mask, or as even he would call it his monstrous looking face (which even he wont look at.) Victor Von Doom is also very skilled at hand to hand combat, so don't think he needs all that magic to put a good beating on somebody! (It was said he wielded Captain Americas SHIELD as well, if not better than captain.) This, just one of many ways to explain Doctor Doom's power, He is a threat, at all times! But does that make him a villain? Most if not all will say.. DUH!! Although there is reason to this mans madness (Does that give him a pass?) Hell no, but I think it might put him in a different category than your regular mad at the world villain.

Have you lost your senses? Doom serves none!
Have you lost your senses? Doom serves none!

Anti-Hero, its the one word all comic book fans love to hear! It represents that rare both sided spectrum. If, there is anything Marvel needs right now when it comes to their films, its a good old fashioned Anti-Hero! Who other to bring that to the MCU than Victor Von Doom (now this might get a little far stretched, but roll with it!) He has a troubled back story, he is a genius, and we wont say great friends but lets say partnership with Reed Richards. You take all of that give him all his powers and yeah hes gonna go power crazy (Who wouldn't.) Look past all that and you let him team up with the Avengers and Fantastic Four to take down Thanos.. Now that SCREAMS Anti-Hero! We can even make a case for Galactus. Sure, hes a planet eating giant to most of the people out here on Earth-199999, but if you look past the fact he wants to eat our planet, He's just a Giant with the munchies..(Okay that's a little far fetched, but you get my point.)

Oh, Snap!!
Oh, Snap!!

Now, I am on the fence when it comes to the new Fantastic Four movie. I agree with all the casting choices, its just rarely to no hope on 20th Century getting it right this time (by this time I mean never.) All I can do is hope now that Disney gets their hands on the rights from Fox sometime soon! What do you guys think? Lets hear some opinions, let the comment commence!


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