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One of the main reasons I go to the movies is to view the world (or some form of our world) from a new lens, outside of the two eyeballs I have in my head. Meaning, I enjoy when a filmmaker can take what we know to be true and expand upon it, often times offering a unique perspective that is different and engaging.

Sex is a part of our world. A big part, some would argue. As a society, we try to not talk about sex because of how personal it can be. Sex scenes in our movies can be gratuitous, but I think a thoughtful and well planned sex scene offers us an incredibly unique perspective and voyeuristic gaze into another's sexual experience.

Outside of swingers and the like, most of us have only seen sex from our own personal vantage point, typically in a private setting. Sex is awkward, sex is clunky, sex isn't always perfect. I truly think it's cool to see that portrayed in film. Not to mention, it can develop a relationship, a character, and the plot of a film if used correctly.

Of course with Valentine's Day and [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) coming out this week, sex is on everyone's mind. So, without further ado, take a look at this clip by Cinefix, breaking down the top 10 sex scenes of all time:

10. Somehow Titanic gets a shoutout in here

I remember watching this with my Grandma in theaters and her, no joke, covering my eyes during this scene. Not like there was really all that much to see anyway. But that hand to glass action is too real. Having sex... in a car... on a boat, has to be pretty rare.

9. Comedic 'Team America' sex scene

Coming in at No. 9, we have what may not even necessarily qualify as a sex scene. I mean, considering these are puppets and they don't really even have anything in their reproductive region - plus they are made of plastic - it's unclear if this even counts. But it's hilarious and therefore Cinefix threw it in at 9. I can't hate.

8. A little man-on-man action from 'Weekend'

I think if you compare this scene to some other popular gay sex scenes from movies, you are hard-pressed to find one that is as real, genuine, and honest as this. I think in Brokeback Mountain, the story was strong but the sex just seemed a little forced.

7. 'Blue is the Warmest Color' woman-on-woman action

I like to think/hope that they didn't just take a man-on-man at 8 and a woman-on-woman at 7 as, like, a quota of sorts. However, as a straight male, this specific scene doesn't make me angry at all... just sayin'.

6. 'Coming Home' normalizes disabled sex

I'm not sure what the criteria for this list was - it seems like they didn't just go with steaminess but also uniqueness too. This is a fairly groundbreaking scene in which disabled sex is kind of exalted and shown to be normal.

(Sidenote: I wanted to mention at this point that in literally every one of these scenes everybody is strikingly attractive. That's definitely the common link between them. Beauty over realism in Hollywood... every time.)

5. A little kinkiness here with Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'

Creepy yet beautifully shot and artistic, the Eyes Wide Shut example is a true classic. Not all sex has to be monogamous. This is yet another very unique example of sex being used as an artistic tool rather than cheaply and for no reason.

4. A little dose of S&M in 'Secretary'

Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader played off eachother so well in this role. This is a little bit of submissive stuff that - I can't lie - is pretty interesting to watch. This was 50 Shades of Grey[Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697)BEFORE 50 Shades of Grey.

3. The realllly weird sex scene from 'Gone Girl'

I didn't include the part that kinda weirds everybody out because I didn't want to gross you guys out. However, if you've seen this film, you know. Once again, this seems to kind of fill the category that Cinefix wanted to have for a new movie. The rest are a bit older, but of course, [Gone Girl](movie:833123) came out in 2014.

2. Funny well-timed scene from 'North by Northwest'

This is a tasteful sex scene from Alfred Hitchcock. The train enters the tunnel, much like a man's ____ enters a woman's _____. You can fill in the blanks, which Hitchcock knows - very cool little wink and a nod from one of the most respected directors of all time.

1. 'Don't Look Now' gets the nod for number one?

The 1970s were a wild time. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie had some truly strong chemistry in Don't Look Now. There was a lot of underlying tension in their sexual encounter and it rounds out Cinefix's list.


So that's it. Do you agree with these picks? What's your favorite sex scene ever?


Which of these 10 sex-scene picks is best?

(Via Sploid, Cinefix)


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