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The news on Spider-Man continues to spread. Since the major announcement that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will bring the Wall Crawler to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, news has been all but constant about Spider-Man's upcoming appearances. With Spider-Man being rebooted by the studios, no doubt that we will be seeing a new face under the mask. Reports have stated that the studios are already in talks with new actors to play the character of Peter Parker. Names such as Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman are being suggested to play the role. However another idea is being a suggested by the studios.

According to the reports, Marvel and Sony are thinking about making Miles Morales the new Spider-Man. For those who do not know, Mile Morales is the second Spider-Man in Marvel's Ultimate Universe. Since his creation, Miles has become a favorite by many Spider-Man fans. Having Miles Morales as the new cinematic Spider-Man would indeed be different, but is it the right move for Marvel/Sony or should the studios stick with Peter Parker?

If Marvel were to use Miles Morales as their Spider-Man then the direction would likely be accepted by most Spider-Man fans. The character has certainly been well received since his inception. Yet pleasing the Spider-Man fans is one thing, but getting Miles acquainted with moviegoers may be another obstacle entirely. For years, audiences have known Peter Parker as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Having Miles become the web slinger on film would be a questionable move as well as being a gamble. Plus, it does not help that Peter Parker play a big role in Miles' origins.With the right writing, it would be possible for Miles to warm up to theater audiences; but it would still be complicated.

While seeing Miles on the silver screen would be cool, it seems to me that Peter Parker has to play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel and Sony have gone a long way to bring Spider-Man to the MCU. If the studios just wanted to use Miles Morales, then there would be little point for the Spider-Man franchise to be rebooted. If they wanted to, the studios could have kept Peter's story going in [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497), while having Miles as Marvel Studio's official Spider-Man. Instead the studios have decided to start from scratch, so it would only makes sense to have Peter Parker appearing in Marvel Studios' films.

It seems only logical for Peter Parker to remain Spider-Man in the films to come. Yet perhaps there can still be a place for Miles Morales on the silver screen. It has been reported that Sony is still planning spin-off movies dealing with Spider-Man. So why not have a spin-off film starring Miles? Miles could be introduced in the new Spider-Man film, and then get his own adventure in a spin-off movie. By doing this, the series could bring another perspective to Spider-Man as well as establish more characters apart of the Web Head's cast. The only issue with having Peter and Miles in this Cinematic Universe is how would the world differentiate between the two characters if they both go by Spider-Man? Then again, there may be a way around that problem; like having Miles operate in a different city.

It will be interesting to see what [Marvel](channel:932254) and Sony have in store for Spider-Man as there seems to be a number of directions for the series to go in. However, for the time being, the series would be better off keeping Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Does that mean Miles Morales should not have a film debut? Absolutely not; in fact I would love to see Miles in an upcoming film. It would not be easy, but if the studios could bring both Peter and Miles to the silver screen, you will hear no complaints from me. If anything having two Spider-Men would only broaden the Spider-Man film franchise. However for the moment, all we can do is wait and see what Marvel's next move is for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is set to debut in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) which hits theaters on May 6, 2016. Spider-Man will then have his first Marvel film on July 28, 2017.


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