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Bridget Serdock

I've only been writing here for a couple of months now and cannot believe the reception I've gotten. I accredit most of that to Moviepilot, and where I wanted to thank them, they sent me something pretty awesome in return.

This package had to fight its way to my house in New York. Then, after my mom added some goodies of her own (banana muffins) it had to brace the winter weather to come up to me at school in Massachusetts. But you know, that wasn't enough. It gets here Friday, and I'm stoked. But our mail room closes at 5:30. I was not back to campus from my flight (I'm an aviation major so I wasn't actually going anywhere) until about 6:30.

The mail room is closed on weekends. So, I thought I'd get it on Monday. Wrong. The mail room didn't open again until today, Wednesday. And despite waiting so long and getting frustrated with my school's silliness, I'm so excited right now. I spent my time in between classes writing this and assembling the lego pieces (I haven't gotten to R2D2 yet).

In conclusion, thanks Moviepilot! You're awesome!


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