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Tori Rudibaugh

This story isn't scary as much as it is sad. When I was younger, I would have crazy dreams that had little meaning and most times, I wouldn't remember them entirely, just little parts here and there. But, when I was 16, I started having dreams about a little girl who had a large head that was far to big for her body, which was surprisingly tall. She had the face of a young child; her eyes were large with a blue/brown mix and pink pout lips. Her hair hung straight and long and she had a beautiful smile with little pearly white teeth.

The first night I dreamed about her, we just looked at each other and I woke up crying. I didn't remember why I was sad but I was depressed for the rest of the day. That night before going to bed, I thought about the girl and tried to think of why she had made me sad. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

I woke the next day, not remembering my dreams, and went about my day as usual with school and track practice afterwards. It was a while before I dreamed about the girl again but when I did finally see her, I remembered her instantly and I was not only happy but relieved. Being near her felt so familiar and real and I hadn't realized that I wanted to see her again so much.

From that time on, I continued dreaming about her every few nights. We would play games or just sit and talk. When we would talk, I remember her sitting next to me and almost cuddling with me. I realized then that I couldn't feel her. She was like air, but looked completely solid. Even though I knew that I was dreaming, I was upset that I couldn't hold or hug her.

One morning, after waking up, I found myself lying in bed thinking about her. I didn't understand why I felt this way about someone in a dream I was having. Something was drawing me to her and I couldn't even begin to explain why.

That night, when I went to bed, I instantly fell into a dream with her. We started talking about life and death and that's when I realized, her lips weren't moving. She was just smiling. I then reached up to my lips and realized that they were shut, but I was asking her why her lips didn't move. That's when I realized that we weren't really speaking at all, just relaying thoughts and feelings.

She approached me with tears swimming in her big eyes and told me that she loved me and that one day, she'd see me again. She said that she wished I was her big sister and that we could stay together forever, but it was time for her to go. With that, I woke up. I violently threw off my covers and ran into my little sister's room, who was fast asleep. I was so mad and upset at the same time that I was heavily sobbing. I bent down next to my sisters bed and just cried. I ended up calming down and crawling into bed with her. I felt the need to hold her and keep her safe.

Backstory: My little sister was born eight years after me. After the first ultrasound, my Mom found out that she was having twins. A few weeks after, she miscarried one of them. From what the ultrasound had shown, my surviving sister was the weaker twin. The one that died had literally given her life so that my sister would survive. My sister is a completely normal girl who makes the honor roll every year and plays sports. She's very thin and tall with green/brown eyes and poker straight hair, and she insists that her twin would visit her sometimes when she slept.

I am now almost 22 and I still think about her, sometimes. I'll be lying awake at night wondering if that was my little sister. I used to fall asleep hoping that I'd see her again, but I haven't dreamed of her since.


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