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This article is related to this week's episode of Supernatural. I will be talking about the choices that Dean makes, which all comes back to my first article which I have published.,manual

Peace of the inner-soul

" This episode deals with the ongoing situation that Dean is facing in the tenth season. The Mark of Cain. It's a mark that Cain, the mythological first born of Adam, gives to Dean in order to kill a very powerful demon. Cain is a very powerful demon, in this reality, who has been hiding for centuries. Cain found peace within himself, which leads him to hide his identity. This mark not only gave a solution but also gave consequences. This mark is like a disease that took over Dean's body which gives him an urge to consume. This urge caused him to amplify his desires. His desires to kill, his desires to eat and as well as his sexual desires. This urge increases his consumption. "
The Mark of Cain
The Mark of Cain

This article will relate to his purpose, which he still doesn't understand after 10 years, 10 seasons. In this episode, he and Sam are working on a case. A very unusual ghost case. A ghost who went by the name of Andrew, is killing witnesses of his death through social media. This ghost died during a car crash because the witnesses, four college students, one of which was driving, was not paying attention to the road because they were all using they're electronic devices. After the crash, they drove away because the driver was worried about getting arrested. As Andrew drove into a post, the electronic wires that connects to the main Wi-Fi tower plunged into his car which caused the car to catch fire. His soul attached to the wires, which he used as a conduit to haunt.

" Sam and Dean tried to figure out a way to put the soul of Andrew in peace but they couldn't find a way. They found out about what really happened in the crash through one of the students who witnessed it, Delilah. Three of them were already dead. There was only one left, which was her. Dean informed her on everything she needed to know about the situation. He stayed with her for protection. Sam went to go find clues on how the ghost is haunting people. As they were keeping grounds, Dean expressed himself to her. Delilah was feeling guilty about not informing the cops about the car crash. She says that she doesn't know how to live knowing she has to live with a sinful secret. Dean says that he has done every kind of mistakes, good mistakes, bad mistakes. He says that he finds a way to maintain it and stays in denial. Dean points out that he does whatever he needs to do to make things right. This gave Delilah a chance to find peace within herself and to accept what happened, but he didn't help her accept what happened nor to move on. "

Sam interrupts Dean with a call by informing him that Andrew is using the wireless signal in order to haunt people. Dean breaks all the electronic devices that are in the room after Andrew starts popping out in the monitors. They both head down to the basement in which there is bad reception.

" As this situation plays out, Sam visits the wife of Andrew since she is located near the crash. She informs Sam that Andrew has been communicating with her through social media. She believed it was him because he knew all the secrets that only they knew. She noticed that Andrew was peaceful for a while. He then stopped messaging her. When he started communicating with her again, she noticed that Andrew seemed more determined in something. He seemed more vengeful. This got her worrying with all the deaths that have occurred with the college students. "

Andrew finds a way to get into the basement through a mobile device hidden in the sofa. As Dean tries to talk him out on what he's doing, Andrew still decides to kill Delilah and Dean. He pops out and firmly holds the neck of Dean. As he is about to kill Dean, the wife of Andrew speaks to him through the mobile that Delilah was holding. She says that she accepted his death and is finally going to move on and suggests Andrew to do the same. She begged him with tears. Andrew realized that there was no point in what he was doing and has learned to accept what happened to him. He disappears with peace within himself.

" This is what led for Dean to make a promising decision at the end of this episode. He tells Sam that he's going to follow Andrew's lead. He says that his peace is helping people and working cases, it's all he wants to do "

All this to conclude that Dean is heading towards a road of lightness. With all the darkness that he consumed through the Mark of Cain, he's trying to overcome it. This points out that he's taking baby steps to real peace. This article is out of context to the great theoretical conclusion, but after I have watched this episode, I had a need to publish my thoughts about the episode in which relates on the whole concept of my thoughts, peace.


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