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Currently, there has been a lot of upheaval due to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s everywhere. People are making fan-lists of the actors that should play the web-slinger in his next appearance, discussing how and when he would appear and all together are hating Sony. One of the more unique ideas I found was the fact that if Spidey ever does come to the MCU that it should be in a TV-series. That part actually makes total sense-Spider-man is known for (among others) having a very extensive Rogues gallery, the majority of which will never be seen on the silver screen. Another thing I found, and one that I, personally, liked more, was that if we will ever get a Spider-Man in the MCU, it should be an adult, grizzled and mature Spider-Man.

Why? The Explanation.

“Say Whaaaaattt????” Yes, I know. The one time we’ve got an old Spider-Man in comic book form it was a disaster. Ridiculous plot, out-of-character characters and MJ getting killed by radio-active semen from which you get cancer. Also, walking skeleton Doctor Octopus.

This is something we DON'T need.
This is something we DON'T need.

Well, my variation will be a tad, if not a lot different. Instead of a really old PP or young PP, he will be middle-aged.In his late-twenties to early/mid 30’s. Screw the origin story. Screw the story of Uncle Ben and the responsibility speech. Screw the things we’ve seen too many times already. Start off with a respected journalist Peter Parker who has done lots and lots of things for the Daily Bugle, and not only as a photographer. He’s got a mutually respective relationship with his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. He’s got a stable relationship with MJ and they both enjoying it. A big part of the story would be about him trying to balance his life as Spider-man, whom J. Jonah Jameson still loathes and hates as opposed to his love for the Avengers and Tony Stark in particular. Another bit of his life would be focused on his relationship with the Black Cat a.k.a Felicia Hardy, because they both know their real names and secret identities, with Felicia working at the Daily Bugle, just to tease Peter. Due to his long carrier as Spider-Man (by the start of the series he would have been Spider-Man for almost 10 years) he already has an extensive Rogue’s Gallery, including fan-favorites such as the Rhino, Shocker or the Scorpion. We saw how well tv-series like the Flash or Arrow did handle a multitude of (super)-powered villains, so that would not be a problem. A part of the series will be focused on the fact that in this universe Gwen Stacy is already dead and that Spider-Man is blaming himself for not being there to help her, even abandoning the suit for a few months. This fact will add to the portrayal of a darker Spidey, one who isn’t afraid to push the limits during his battles with villains and who has played a part in the decease of the Green Goblin a few years back (it would be stated that it was him who was responsible for the death of Gwen). Because of those things, Spider-Man goes to private therapy sessions (one of the episodes would be focused on a minor villain learning the identity of Spider-man and trying to sell it to the highest bidder, only for Spider-Man to foil his plot.). The first season would be focused on the life of Spider-Man and how he works trough it, with an over-lapping story arc featuring a multitude of villains who want to kill the Web-Slinger in order of a higher power, who ultimately will be unveiled as the Hob-Goblin. Another potential story-arc could be focused on the Venom symbiote and his affection on Spider-Man, with a Carnage introduction (due to this being a TV-series, the directors could finally give us a Carnage we deserve and need). Or, for example, have a whole season being focused on the Jackal and his clones. The first season could also have a flashback scene during which we see Agent Coulson approaching Peter Parker, just after the dead of Gwen Stacy and the killing of the Green Goblin and asking him to join the Avengers, only for Peter to say something in the vein of “Spider-Man is dead. He has died alongside Gwen Stacy” A very big potential benefit of the series would be from the fact that the upcoming Netflix series will all be focused on rookie superheroes, ones who only have started their journey in order to be a hero. Spider-Man, on the other hand, would be a veteran of many battles, who knows when and how to fight and has learned that the hard way. He’s also calm and calculating, what would help the Avengers during their battles. Due to his experiences as a Super-hero, he doesn’t like to work in a team, instead preferring to work single, what would make a problem for him being in the Avengers. During the Civil War, he will be against the registration, because of the fact that he knows the dangers of wearing a mask and the dangers of releasing your true identity.


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